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Finally caved and made an account after 5 movies...

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. You haven't seen the first two movies in years and you've refused to watch the third one until you get those. And you have to buy the fourth one too.

I've got a few things to say though...

This is bullshit. As soon as I see Wesker? I'm shooting him in the face. More than once, in fact. If it kills him, good. Then I'll have kept a promise to myself. And then that homicidal bitch of a program is going to get taken down for good.

Everything just keeps piling up in my life since the t-Virus infected the population. And you're about to add to it. Consider yourself lucky that I'm right here and have no way to make this even.
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your journal name made me snicker |D

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Sounds like your Wesker has the same cockroach tendencies as mine. [There might be just the slightest shift in her expression at using the possessive -- worse, her possessive -- for Wesker.

Still, the term gets the point across.]

You have my sympathy, for what it's worth.
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fitting! and pretty much how every character ever feels about him, tbh.

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[oh God woman do you want to give Jill more nightmares] More than enough. I'm just glad he's one roadblock we finally managed to scratch off the list. [but now his kid is in the next game sob it never ends

That gets a polite kind of smile.]
I've only known you by name before now. But I did hear my counterpart was supposed to give you trouble in this one. [You get used to the fourth-wall thing after a while. The only thing weirder is talking to yourself.]
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[She rubs the back of her neck briefly] Took us over ten years, but yeah, we managed. If you ever find yourself near a volcano, see if you can't kick him into it and toss a couple RPGs into the mix. [Cross-medium Wesker hatred? Giving tips? Oh, yes, she is.

The nod she gives is brief, her previous smile a shade more serious.]
Close call. I'm sure she's grateful, though. Positive, even. [Some things never change, even between adaptations. Hah, spider. Game fandom tends to use the term scarab. Why the bug obsession, Wesker.]
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I didn't get to pull the actual trigger, but it was still a nice sight to see. [Especially since it was only like two hours after she got away from that jackass. Vengeance is a beautiful thing; don't let that saying about eyes and blindness fool you.

clearly they should exchange phone numbers in case any technical details pop up in your next movie. If cell phones even still work in a post-apocalyptic world, I have no idea.

One eyebrow goes up.]
No rest for the wicked, I'm guessing?

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[Whoever came up with that saying clearly didn't know Wesker. B(

Radios are good. Those newfangled smartphones break too easy, anyway, especially for someone who jumps around as much as Jill does.

And she may have only known Alice by name before, but she's seen enough details regarding the other films to be openly surprised by that.]
Again? God, what...

[And then surprise shifts to irritation. Yes, movie!Wesker, clearly more T-Virus is exactly what the world needs, especially when that's what messed it up in the first place. B| ] Did he bother explaining himself, or did he leave that for next time?

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[Trufax. Although the films technically began before smartphones hit the market, so maybe all you Apocalypse refugees were spared wasting money in that regard.]

"Save humanity." Right. [There's an utterly deadpan quality to her tone; nothing at Alice, just at the idea that Wesker would ever "save" anyone. Not without a sinister purpose in mind, at least -- something Jill knows very, very well.

...Or perhaps the films are taking a turn for the Uroboros plot, in which case that would make sense in a twisted, villainy kind of way.]

Sounds like you'll have your work cut out for you. Especially if that sounds as familiar as I think it does.

[This is a beautiful plan.]
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[True. Those suckers are built like bricks.

Jill gives an acknowledging frown.]
He does tend to know what he's talking about, for good or bad. Usually bad.

[At least then you might get the volcano option?]

Sounds like it. We're used to dealing with up to thousands at a time in the worst cases, but worldwide is just... [Horrible. Depressing. Something she's not ever going to let happen in her 'verse, as long as she's breathing.] ...Well. "Grim" is putting it mildly.

[The most beautiful plans usual are pretty simple.]
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[And maybe some kind of melee weapon to bash Wesker over the head with after they light him on fire.]

You've gotta catch a break sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. [She smiles slightly. Eternal optimist, this one.]

While I can't relate on the worldwide perspective, I can imagine. [And all the same, Jill knows what despair is. Raccoon and Africa each made sure of that.] The way I see it, at that point there's nothing to do but fight. Even if you fail, it beats running and later regretting that you didn't at least go down trying. [It's the opinion of a fighter, anyway.]
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[Maybe Umbrella should look into researching uses for those -- actually, no, the game universe would end up with an evil cell phone line that infects people with Yeerks Las Plagas via their ears; the movie universe would see a worldwide zombie network that Wesker would constantly tap into to stalk Alice like the creeper he is.]

That's the best reason to fight, in my opinion.

[A light shrug.] Well, good luck, wherever you end up. Back home or out here. Sometimes I'm not sure which is more of a challenge.
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[THIS NEVER HAPPENED. Capcom and Anderson, gtfo of here]

Thanks. Maybe we will.