Mar. 11th, 2017

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You saw what and it reminded you of me? You know what, don't. Instead find something for me to do. I'm tired of collecting dust.
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Jaysis, ye've got t'be fuckin' with me.

Look, I've no problem with yeh draggin' me out like this, but if ye're goin' to make a habit ou' of it, least yeh can do is show yer ol' buddy Cass a bit of T-L-C, eh? Fix the place up, pat me on the arse, and send me on me merry way, sure.

But would it kill yeh to show a little emotional support every now and again? Think about us for once, wouldjyeh?
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Where have I found myself in, now?


More people to prank, you say? Oh oh oh, I'd love that, yes indeed...!

I suppose you're interested in trying me out finally, after I've been swimming around in that murky grey cerebral soup of yours for a couple months? The itch has been there for a while, hasn't it? Haha! You found the icons so easily, too...

Here's to hoping you won't forget about me! Don't worry about the wit, I have enough for both of us. ;}

Now, I am excited who to find in this place! We should get going before you wuss out~

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Really? You are gonna do this again...I was perfectly happy just resting in the back of your head and you decide to stir the pot again. You and I both know this ain't gonna go well, so why bother?