Mar. 3rd, 2017

widdle_widow: (arm and dangewous)
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No I'm not.

[Yes you are, you're rubbing your eyes.]

Well, they are a little sleepy, but I'm not.

Why are we back? Did something else happen?

Those poopy head X-babies try an start trouble again?

[No, but-]

An Bucky Bear's ok?

[I believe so.]

Ok, well.. .I guess it's time for cookies then.
overheavens: <user name=thesnowsfall> (point ★ my future keeps coming on.)
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Oi, don't you have more important things to do? Pretending to write out my thesis isn't going to get your college back on track.

[ ... ]

"Rewatching" the canon and "replaying" parts of the game isn't going to do much. Someone annoying like you really wants to try this?

[ He sighs. ] Yare yare daze. You're a real pain in the ass, "mun."

(( details that I spent too much time writing are over here!! ))