Feb. 10th, 2017

chiron_survivor: (woobie eyes)
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Hi, Mun.

Thank you for keeping me active and helping me make new friends. Even if sometimes I question the people you introduce me to. But, um, do you think you can move me along in my canon sometime soon? The humans were stuck under Cylon rule on New Caprica for six months. I've been there for five years real time.

Please, get to the part where Galactica shows up and rescues us. I can deal with whatever comes before that.

I hope I can, anyway.
leggomyecho: (Wow excuse me no)
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 Hell no.
This is single-handedly the worst idea I've had to endure since that time Echo thought going to Hunter Islands at high tide would get us more 'loot'.
No way in hell am I going there.
anteojos: ponponpon @ dw (007)
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Dear mun:

We have known for little time, and I appreciate your enthusiasm on roleplaying as my persona.

Still, I'm not sure dropping my name at pornographic threads is, actually, a clever idea.