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Far be it from me to stop you, but you are rather late to this particular Tea Party~

My story finished a long while ago and you've only yourself to blame if you've waited so long to finish it.

... stop crying!!

[OOC: Hello! I've dusted off the five year old cobwebs from this particular psycho and returned to RP-ing, please be gentle! This was all prompted after finally coming back and finishing the Pandora Hearts manga. I'm hoping I can find some cast mates to play with to soothe my aching heart!]

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Oh my, are we doing this again? I should really dust off this coat then!
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Ha! I knew it. I told you, didn't I?

And here you are. [She is oh so smug.] But you know I already have a Contractor. I don't need you.

Still, your attempts are amusing!
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Oh, oh mun...

You know, I'm really liking this predicament you're putting me into. I always did enjoy having foxes come after me with their foxfire trying to burn my braid.

*so sarcastic it hurts...*

But in reality, the new fox is rather cute. He's a lot more gentle than my actual 'mate'.
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[Emily's eyes look a little different, almost as if those lifeless little hues were full of dust and dirt. It's to be expected really, after having been locked away in the muse space for ever so long. Waving a sleeve covered hand before the small dolls face as it sat upon his shoulder, Break blinked curiously.]

Ah la la~ Emily, you're not at all acting like your charming self, don't tell me you've gone all serious on me like Liam~.

[Noticing that his mun was watching him with a rather unamused expression, Break offered a little smirk, still refusing to acknowledge that something was expected of him!]

Well, stranger things have happened I suppose, however if you're not going to be any sort of entertainment it will simply mean no more cake for you, young Lady~.

[Patting the little blue doll upon its head as she slowly seemed to returned back to normal. Waving in a flail upon his shoulder before that thrown voice of hers was heard.]

Oi!, Oi! That's not fair! Save some cake for me!

Now then.

[Dusting himself and Emily down.]

I guess we should address the elephant in the room hmm? I have some stipulations for you to agree to first. Seeing as you have the notion of sending me off some place, somewhere~ I have to have your word that there will be plenty of tea and cake and no rats... Can't stress how clear I make myself on that point.
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You know, just because you're lonely, doesn't mean you need to be looking at games for me.

[a pause, then Leo turns a page in the book spread out on his lap.]

Like I said, it's easier this way. Being alone isn't too bad.

[an irritated frown appears on his lips, and he ducks his head slightly, bangs falling over his glasses.]

...I told you not to say his name.
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Thank you. But y'know Gil, he'll just blush and say nothing. ♥

[A new user name to match Big Brother's. (ง︡'-'︠)ง⋆]
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My, what a determined look you have there, my lady!

[It seems a pretty neat place after all!]

Indeed, indeed. And I have every confidence in your decision!

[Why, thank y--]

This time!

[Wait, wha--]

For however long it lasts!

[Now hold on a minute, Laci--]

So have no worries, my lady Mundane. I shall endure your fickle whims with grace, as always!

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Stop already.

There are better things to do, and what you want to do with me is better left for later. What I must do needs to happen before, not after, as by then it would be too late.

We have time, more than needed in that place, so be patient.
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"What can we do together?"

"Where's there to go?"

"How will we make the time?"

Goodness. What heavy thoughts and questions to carry ... so many so quickly, and you've still overlooked a big one, come to think of it. Well, it's just a little bigger. A smidge—oh, perhaps a speck more!

But you shouldn't worry. With the right ideas, the right will ... you can make your own time out of anything.

You do believe me, don't you?
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... So after all this time that's enough to make you finally bring me back?
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You know how you can become confident? Pretend you're confident until you're confident!
You know how you can become likeable? Pretend you're likeable until you're likeable!
You know how you can become happy? Pretend you're happy until you're happy!
You know how you can become perfectly sane? Pretend you're sane until you're sane!

See? Easy peasy.
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Miss Mun, from that canon point?

[ ... ]

I just wanted to make sure you felt confident, of course! Any less just won't do.

[ Also redoing my icons, please forgive me if my icons appear a little wonky. ]


Aug. 6th, 2014 05:27 am
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Am I supposed to still be here? I've forgotten, and there is much to forget now with all I've been and seen. Come and go. I don't want to be and yet I am, and will be for as long as it takes. As long as it matters, until the wish is done and granted.

I'm not done yet, missed or missing, I still have them all with me.

Perhaps it's nearly time for a tea party. Don't forget, don't be late.

We'll dance again.
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But this isn't fun anymore. Not really.

You're too old for this. I'm too old for this, being an upstanding gentleman and all that.
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Hohoh. So this is what you were up to, hmmm?

[ Someone's amused. ]

I think I'd like to know what you plan to do with me. You have thought this out, haven't you?

[ ...she thought not. Sheryl chuckles. Well at least she can take this opportunity to tease her mun a bit. ]

Oh to be young again. Not a care in the world.