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 And so our little stars collide. I'm interested to see what will come of this war between Sirius, aren't you?
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Well well, isn't this a pleasant surprise?

And here I thought you'd never let me in. And with the little earl no less, no butler in sight. [He doesn't seem at all disappointed.] Oh well, no matter. Perhaps you, or someone else here, can give me the first rate laugh I crave.

It's been so long since I had a good laugh, by the standards of the written material. Seeing that phoenix pose again through your eyes though, that was delightful!
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Just as the clouds part to show the brilliance of the stars, so must each of us show our true colors eventually.

You were well aware of this going in, yes?
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What do ya mean we're "shameless"? Ain't like we're doin' it in public, Mun! And anyway, it ain't that serious, just a bit of fun, innit?

I rather like bein' one of the few people I know who's kissed a fella from another planet, besides~.

Although... [And he grins dryly, spreading out his wings and gesturing to all his other changes.] We both know this ain't the strangest thing ta happen ta me in the carnival, don't we?
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D'you remember what I said four years ago about keeping my hands and fingers? So much for that, eh? Bloody liar... ended up losing a whole arm. Didn't I say this'd be a bad idea!? Though it's been four years since I first darkened your door. Not against you to forget.

[ And there's a huff. ]

And I know what you're planning. You can't make me fight him! I won't! You can't ruddy well make me!

[ Ron, you're acting like a kid. It'll have to happen eventually. ]


[ But he deflates, exhaling. ]

...Knowing you though, you'll prolly put it off as long as possible, won't you?
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Nice t'see ye! Why don't ye find the rest of the Circus members and we'll see what we kin do, yeah? I'm not sure I could put on much of a show on me own.

[He scratches the back of his head, sighing.]

I guess a game wouldn't be so bad. I am gettin' a little bored.
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Hm~ While I have nothing against meeting some new people and traveling a little, don't forget that I do have other obligations. We wouldn't want all the little stars to wander astray without the guidance they need, would we?
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So ye remember me? That's comfortin', I suppose. Unless you got one of those games in mind?

[Eyeing Mun suspicious!]

Don't get me wrong, I like games. Jus' not the sort where I die.

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Did you think I would be surprised? {And even if he was, would he show it? Likely not.} We Phantomhives have always been...inventive.
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I knew he was trustworthy. Why else would I instruct him to watch over my only son? {His smile doesn't fade at his Mun's answer, but there is a rare chill to it.} Too late, you say? I think Ciel is doing very well for himself all things considered.

...and did you notice? He called him "son". {His glee is never-ending.}
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.[ he's annoyed, of course he is. it is why his words are viciously sweet, a smile small and precise and not childlike at all. ]

We'll see who plays the better dog in this arrangement.

[ woof. woof. ]

Voice Test

Oct. 13th, 2015 09:24 pm
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Well this is a right good surprise! I've been clamorin' round in that head of yours for ages an' now I get to stretch m'legs!

[He gives a broad, bright smile, spreading his arms. One of his hands is quite...interesting. It almost looks...skeletal.]

Put me t'gether with everyone else and it'll work out...

[No, he doesn't want to talk about that.]

You said this was a new world. So let's let it be new, yeah?
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Oh honestly.

Is this really how you decide to welcome me back? Perhaps one must be grateful that you've decided to keep my previous account. At least that name retained far more dignity than this.

There are times when one does indeed question your decisions.

[ Hey, at least I might not actually app you anywhere with this account. ]
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Listen here, Lass.

I don't know what you're thinking exactly. You can't write in a way that brings my accent across and you know I won't go anywhere without Alan or Ronald. Some part of me doubts Spears or Sutcliff would be too pleased to see the likes of me. Traitor and disgraced as I am, can't say I'd expect a warm welcome even if not being alone would be nice.
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So you decide that being on hiatus from your games to settle real life situations is the best time to pay attention to me....? Attention that I would have been find without even.... It's no wonder you have so many real life issues right now.

I'm a busy man and you have obligations to fulfill. Quit procrastinating so that both of us can get back to what's really important. I'm not interested in playing around when you're likely to forget about me again. Unlike you, I don't have time to waste.

Worry about that job and then when you have time and perhaps we can play a game later. I won't be the reason for any failure that might happen if you don't get serious.
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There is no guarantee that you give me that I can trust. It says something entirely unsavory that I can put my faith in it and not you. (Oh this cruel smirk.) But perhaps that is correct? When humans are not wholly naive, they are untrustworthy.

And, no, that does not make me a pessimist.
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Oh~ Back from the dead? And here I was beginning to worry that I would get rather bored with you~

I wonder just where it is you'll have me go. After all it has been quite sometime since I've paid a visit to the young earl, and I would like to recollect my treasure from him eventually. Though having someplace to continue to refine and work on my masterpiece would be welcomed certainly.

So what shall it be~
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“Time is a game played beautifully by children.”

I have left my childhood far behind yet... (He smiles at the quote.) Only a child feels the passage of seconds. To accuse them of being impatient is cruel, is it not?

(Impatience has served him well thus far.)

Why waste those seconds? You have summoned me and - as I am no servant - I expect to be compensated. Let us discuss the terms.
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Have you finally come to your senses?

[There was an exasperated edge to his tone as he spoke candidly to his mundane]

Stop looking to the past and focus on the future. I won't be content on frequenting dear mun or dear player forever.

[Then a bit more smugly he added]

... And after all, I'm the only one you have left.