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new character, old canon--voice testing

So you ditch the angel and you pick up me? Talk about self-worth issues.

What's with the handle, though? You really think anyone's gonna remember some throwaway line from five years ago? Oh, it's poignant. For the direction you're planning to take me in.

Sheesh. Just tell me that direction's got strippers or pie or something to make up for all that poignancy.

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Oh, there's poignant pie. Ever read Titus Andronicus?

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Well. Neither did Shakespeare. He thought he did, but the accent on Elizabethans. Like they're speaking through a—well. A pie. Or a hat. Maybe a thick scarf?

[Aw, that's the best question.] I'm the Doctor. [:D]

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I have. About nine times over. Never seems to help.

[Reining in the enthusiasm slightly. You're a Serious Sam type, then, alright. Fine.] I'm not the one talking to my writer.
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That's a new one. She doesn't want you awake? [Ignoring your eyebrow raise completely. Writers drugging muses into submission is so very, very meta. If there's not a rule against it, there should be.]

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We should be so lucky.

[Of course if their muns think the same, then god, Dean, you have so much of his sympathy.]

Last I checked there weren't many strippers in any direction.
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no worries!

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Not really. Just...well, it's a safe assumption to make.
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Which comes first? The strippers or the pie, Dean?
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[That comment about the handle will get a snort.]

I doubt there's enough pie in the world. Better than mine, anyway.

((OOC: So, that one time like a month ago when you said, so, your Sam should totes comment on Dean's post... I have finally got 'round to acquiring a Sam and getting him a journal. >_>))
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[Bitchface, Dean, so much bitchface.]

'Course you do. Jerk. What's your writer want to do with you, anyway? Can't be any worse than the thoughts mine's entertaining.

[And he'll make another face at that, because Jesus, these people are twisted. He's encountered some weird shit in his time, but seriously. Twisted.]
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[Snort. Yeah, he's gonna end up meeting that Cas too, but that at least is just weird rather than outright disturbing.]

Well, if you're gonna discover true love with anyone...

[He's just saying. It's kind of obvious. And then he makes a face, scrunching his nose up into a scowl.]

I've met Lucifer. A Lucifer who's riding around in my body. Which apparently does nothing to stem my... writer's desire for us to have freaky gay sex. Slash, man, seriously; it's weird.
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Dude, we're not.

[Because seriously. You think you're skeeved out by it, Dean, how d'you think he feels? It's goddamn filthy up in this headspace. And very possibly detrimental to his health.]

Believe me, I've got no intention of letting her do anything about it. Ugh.
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And then Cas had to troll

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Kudos for the use of religious lexical overtones.

You know, "crusade".

[ That's all he's got. Since, man, it is just really awkward to talk about them being in a relationship, period. ]
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[ He's watched a lot of things about Dean die. This, he's just going to find funny. ]

It also usually requires papal sanction.

I don't think the Roman Catholic Church approves our love.

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[blinkblink. Brow furrow. Sam looks off to the side as if he's expecting to find someone there providing an explanation, but no such luck.]

Uh. You look... different.
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