Jun. 10th, 2017

rubycasted: (( uniform. ) maybe you should read books)
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Oh? Are you finally doing this, mun? You know, when you're not too lazy you actually more than do me justice but do you think you can keep something like this up? I'm warning you, this actually takes some form of Actual Dedication on your part.

And really, did you even stop to think about whether or not I would even be a good fit there? I belong some place like Clocktower, don't you think? After all, I deserve to go somewhere where my abilities can truly shine, and as the heiress of Tohsaka, it's about time I had my spotlight. So you know, I may not even like being there-

W-what, why are you pointing out that you saw Archer there??? Geez, do you think I even c-care about that guy? What's with that look? Hey! Listen, we may not even cross paths anyway, so it doesn't matter! And besides, it's not like he's still my Servant right now so w-why are you so... hmph!

A-anyway! You better do your best this time, okay??