May. 27th, 2017

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Good morning, Mun! ..... It is morning, isn't it? Technically? Well, let's just go with that, okay? I'm happy to see you're taking me out. I knew you were a sucker for my character type, given some of the others I came across in your headspace.

I'll let you be lazy for the next couple of days, but when Summertime comes, oh man am I gonna badger you! I want a game to play in. I need a game to play in! After so many indulgences of my imagination, I'm super interested to see if the real fantastical, spectacular stuff out there matches up! [Giggles]

Oh yeah, don't worry - I'll be fine! I've survived as many dangerous and potentially fatal situations I could think up, so I don't get why you're so hung up about the idea of me meeting some sudden, tragic end! Sheesh!
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Why the hell am I here?

You think on the night before the biggest race of the year is a good time to take me away from work and force me to talk to people.

And this username isn't funny.