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Mun, please understand, you're killing me here.

Why are you writing that fic? It's harsh enough to make it a co-written crossover with the Ace Attorney fandom, but then you go and make Ash the victim? Really? Really?!

*He sighs, drops his arms to his side.*

I'm glad he survives, but don't you think that's a little cruel? He's only twelve...
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I'm not sure whether the reason my mun came up with the fic makes the whole thing better or worse.

I just don't like that Misty had to be the one busted. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't want any of my friends in jail, but...well...

[Misty's different okay]
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Yeah, I finally get to be in a 'verse where my dad's alive and I get to talk to him, and it's while I'm in the hospital.


O-of course it's the same way! I mean...i-it's not like we... [rubs the back of his neck] ...we're still pretty young, right?
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Yeah, because his starter was a Charmander. And Ho-Oh is pretty powerful, maybe your dad calls you that because he knew you'd be the best trainer ever someday!

[phew, Ash doesn't have to spell it out. Good thing Red isn't as clueless as he can be]

I guess...sometimes I think she feels the same, too, but who knows? As long as we stay friends forever, that's what matters.
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You mean the one your mom always talks about?

Yeah, I'm just starting to figure that out...probably a good thing, too, because our fandom likes to assume "things" about me and Pikachu. [groans] Even a hopeless romantic like Brock knows the difference!
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They'd never do something that humiliating! They just like to tease you about it, all families do that. Mom still bugs me about my underwear to this day.

I haven't heard anything about you, luckily. They said Misty had a thing for you back in the day, but...well, she never brings you up even when she's poking fun at me for being a dork.
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Yep. Plus, mothers, I guess. It's a thing they do.

Yeah, I wonder where it came from. Misty was still a kid back when you got your badge, even if she's a great trainer she wouldn't have taken the role of Gym Leader so young.
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Yeah, she has an interesting way with kids.

Gym leaders attract a lot of gossip, don't they? Actually, all famous trainers seem to.
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Aw, you know she wouldn't! She barely ever does it to either of us!

Memes, huh? I've gotten a lot of those, especially "Aim for the horn!" Gary's got it worse, though, he cringes at the "X was here, Y was a loser" business.
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You're right, that one's pretty awesome. [snicker] Giovanni's got his fans, but he's also pretty disliked for what his game counterpart did. I feel bad that my dad's never around, but at least I know no matter what 'verse I'm from he loves me and thought of me all the time.
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My mun is over the moon about this fic. Not just because of the Ash-comfort, but because of the collateral suffering for Apollo and his co-workers.
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No, it's not your fault! I mean, the actual culprits are the ones who went after Ash, right? And Apollo and the others just want to help.


Related? Well, I've never met much of Mom's side of the family, so...maybe?
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He did the same for me when I lost my mom...sort of. He told me to say "I'm fine" so I wouldn't cry anymore. But if I ever needed to talk about Mom he'd listen.

Really...? I don't think we have anyone named Mark in my family. I should ask Dad sometime.
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So I might be related to the famous Ketchums? That could be interesting!
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Yeah, but still.

It'd be nice to know more of Mom's family. Dad just...stopped talking to them after she died, and they never tried to contact him.
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[And Clay smiles warmly at that]

I'd love that. It's hard to talk about that stuff with most people outside work and Apollo, everyone's supportive when I tell them about my dreams but they don't like to sit and talk about stars and planets for hours like I do.