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on an unkind canon

Regarding your pet disappointment, of course I met the Targaryen girl. You're foolish to think I'd ally myself with someone based only on Ellaria's word and vague impression. Of course we spoke, face-to-face, privately even. Just because those fools thought it unimportant to show doesn't mean it didn't happen. And I like her. Though my allegiance is a pleasant thought at best now, it's sincere. (She's too careful, not ready yet to destroy things, but I'm told I'm too eager in that regard. The balance can be found and I can thank the gods my own need to politic was minimal.)

Regarding the other disappointment, your rage is a balm but even that won't soothe mine completely. I am proud to have fought to my last, to have died like a warrior, but that those same fools allowed it to happen makes me sick. Ours was a noble purpose -- I'll hear no arguments, vengeance is noble even though more innocent types get squeamish -- and to have not only myself and my sisters but the majority of people and ships we contributed effectively dispatched (so one evil, greedy man might have sick prizes to deliver to the bitch queen!) is appalling. To build up this alliance only to shred it, to give into outside influences though they claimed they didn't.

Oh, they didn't know what to do with us in the first place, but when the people in your world complained -- three guesses why, as you say; is it true that doughy boy had an entire ongoing subplot, complete with visualizations of the one thing Tyene has been so maligned for mentioning, about his magic virgin cock and drew no fatal criticism? That people in this world who rape and hunt others for sport still have more "fans" than us? Popularity is useless, but it's disheartening to know that even in your more allegedly progressive world criticism is doubtless stronger of flawed brown women than evil white men -- we were reduced to a few snide remarks and battle fodder.

I would officially petition you, my lady writer, and others like you to have charge of stories like ours in the future. Keep us out of fools' hands.
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For what it's worth, I'd have given up any such plot, and all of its embarrassment and all that followed, that you had not ended the way you had.

(A doughy boy he was not entirely, any longer, but he remembered those days, and he felt a certain shame to be applauded for it, even now.)

Perhaps your new author can give you justice, where they did not.
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They are. So much has happened that makes no sense to me. Why do they always pick on the women?

[ He sighs. He likes women, respects them, a lot. Hell, he wouldn't be with Lady Brienne or have followed Lady Stark, if he did not. None of this makes sense to him. ]

Good! I hope it goes well, then. The world needs more strong women. More warriors and ladies and all of it. Someone has to save the world, after all.
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I hate that, I always have. But then I have never really been that happy about any violence. Needless violence and bullies just really annoy me, though.

[ He flushes at the praise, not seeking it, but nodding low, to acknowledge and thank her for it. ]

Mayhap we'll meet along the way of one of those. And I can let you know this. 'in-universe' Not that you need it, or course, just... [ a flail of a hand ] Everyone deserves to know they are appreciated and not alone.
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[He cheerfully admits to it and nods.] I am not the best of men, nor the worst. I try, I suppose. But I am glad I can kind of... step into the shadows, most of the time. I've got no skills to be a hero like King Jon, or Lady Brienne, or Queen Daenerys.

[He gestured to her.] Or you. Maybe your kinfolk will get the chance. The way things are going, this war might not stop for decades.

I'm glad you don't feel alone. That's important I think. Maybe others will bring your kin here, and they can be with you in these plans your matron has.
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Thanks, to both of you. [he hoped, somehow, he could help, them and others, even if he sucked at fighting, really. Lady Brienne tried, but... he apparently was far better as a steward than as a blade.]

Exactly! The ones who will play them right will show up, sooner or later. They all do, eventually.
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I'm not entirely sure I would catch it if you did. I'm not exactly... great at wordplay. Sorry.

[ He flushes, and shrugs, knowing himself and okay with it. ]

Good luck. And if I can ever help, well, me and my mun are always out there, somewhere.