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Re-Reading Count Cain/Godchild

So you have reminded yourself of my tragic tale? You needn't mourn my end; I chose it of my free will. Riff's fate was sealed and so was mine.

[His smile is somehow stubborn and full of deep sorrow.]

Mary must forgive me. Uncle Neil too. I have, at least, left them a better life - a better world - in my wake.

[For the time being.]
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1/idk we'll see

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Is it--
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Can it really be you, Big Brother?
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[That's a silly question. Of course it's him.

Everything, his immaculate suit and top hat, his eyes, his Cheshire cat smile--]
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and done

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[She throws herself at him, burying her face in his stomach and trembling badly.]

You're late.
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[She still doesn't look up, tucking her face against his neck now that he's kneeling, shaking her head vehemently.]

No, no. You saved me. Like how you always save me. Even though I wanted to put an end to her, you still protected me in the end.
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[Merry huffs, but there's no ire in it. She just snuggles closer.]

If I weren't absolutely ecstatic about that idea, I'd say that this is just you trying to avoid a scolding from me.
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[She pooooookes his side.]

You're secretly a masochist, aren't you.
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Anyways, it shall have to wait, I don't want the tea to get cold.

And...I love you too, Cain. [Whispered and for his ears only.] I've missed you.
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[She snickers. He's like a bristly cat that got wet when he's like this.]

I only scold you when you do something bad, you know!
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[She finally pulls away and gives him a sad smile.]

And yet I miss you anyways. Every day.
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[She shakes her head again, reaching out and clinging to his outstretched hand.]

I know. I know you tried your hardest to come back. But I know it was something you had to do, too. You had to take care of all the loose threads.

[Always so, so busy. Almost too busy for a little girl who craved his affection and care, but she never resented him for that. The time they shared together was--is, has to be-- enough.]
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[She leans her cheek into his palm, giving him a tiny smile.]

He's been alright so far. But what if he doesn't? What will you do then?
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Haunt me instead!