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Dr. Lee Rosen ([personal profile] drabsolutelynot) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2017-04-02 09:04 pm
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Muse wants castmates

I should perhaps remind you that this is likely a pointless endeavor. But I recognize that in the past my complaints have fallen on deaf ears. 

Even so, let me once again be the first to tell you that this idea is, for want of a better word, stupid
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Complaints always fall on deaf ears, Doc.
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Someone has to be, right Doc? [Of course there is a smirk that accompanies his words this time.]
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[He'd be more shocked if Rosen actually didn't notice tbh.]

What works for me, you let them do them until they bore of it and give up.
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These muns vary. They don't find what they want though they do tend to just move on to the next thing.
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No guarantee nostalgia or something has them come back to it at some point but they tend to give up again.
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Just to bug you right now, Doc.
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He's such a nice guy. :P

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Oh you are very welcome, Doc.
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Cameron 'warm and fuzzy' Hicks at your service

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I'm actually not angry. Do I seem angry?
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And yet here you are.
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I'm fine. Created on another whim, set aside just as randomly.

It seems like that's how things go around here.
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People with too much time on their hands?
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Mine created me to annoy Cameron and that was it.
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No. Why, does yours? I've heard there are some ridiculous games out there.
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Someone named Gary is looking for you.