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{He uncurls lazily, molten gold eyes cracking open to reveal the fire within.}

Are my wishes so complex that you cannot understand them? I thank you for returning my treasure to me - it smells even more of Dwarves and a Hobbit too - but I will thank you for naught else and I will not grant you any favors.

{His smirk is positively wicked.}

Did you think I was generous? Clearly you do not know Dragons.
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W-Well...dragons don't have to be all greedy...

[Says the tiny, shiny dragon.]
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Even if I were larger, I wouldn't want to conquer anything.
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No...there are more important things to worry about.
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Such as stopping Erebus from spreading his darkness and endangering all of dragonkind? If he succeeds, there'll be no treasure...or anything else, really.
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Um...good luck with that. Be careful...he has the Shade behind him.