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I'm not one to criticize inspiration whenever or however it chooses to strike. In fact, I applaud your enthusiasm. But do you think that perhaps you’re getting a little ahead of yourself? We barely know each other after all and you already have plans to insert me into alternate universes. [Gentle, tempered smile.] I think it might be prudent that we discuss the matter in detail first, don't you?
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Things happen. [ It's a laughably inadequate thing to say, but it's all Clark can think of in that moment. He hasn't been waiting quite as long as Jor-El for a reunion. Truth be told, he didn't let himself believe in the possibility as a concrete idea, simply because the reality was too painful. But things are vastly different now.

He finds himself searching his father's face, looking for those little markers he can identify in his own. Something solid -- genetic -- that binds them together as blood. Eventually he speaks, letting his hand remain where it is, not quite willing to let go yet. ]
Dad passed when I was seventeen, but I'm sure Mom would love to meet you. She's ... well, she's amazing is what she is.

[ Clark swallows around a sudden lump in his throat, the obvious emotion in Jor-El's voice touching deeply. ]

That goes both ways, you know. I can't quite believe you're standing in front of me, either.
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