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The idea was poor the first time, and the execution even worse.

You have an entire pile—literally, a pile too big to fit in one plastic bag—of reading to do. That's simply a start. And what are you doing? You're watching Iron Man like it's still relevant. You know how I feel about him, so I can't help but think this is a slight against me. I am not to be insulted. Having to deal with a human at the wheel is offensive enough, but you keep managing to dig your grave so deep I'm not sure any type of submarine can handle the pressure.

If you're serious, turn off the movie, and do your necessary refresher.

[you can do both at the same time, you know]

And here I thought I was suited to retirement. Clearly, I've underestimated you.
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['sup, bamf buddy]

It always does feel like you've just gotten comfortable on the back-burner when they pull you out again.
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[glad to know being blonde again isn't too much of a turnoff]

Not officially, but I have a sense for it at this point. [That, and, y'know, there is a new game coming out in the fall God why] I'm pretty sure I won't be so inactive much longer.
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[tell the idiot fandom that, please?]

Going on a few years now -- a little less, maybe, since my account was made as something like a joke in the first place. [No bitterness there, btw. Kids and their Internets -- crap happens, meh.]

Same here. Should I expect to be seeing you around the usual meme places anytime soon?
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[she also asks that you refrain from giving the one behind the wheel anymore bad ideas :x]

I've spent longer time in worse company. Not to sound cocky, but it'd take more than her imagination to do any real damage at this point. [Never mind that she's currently engaged in another thread where a fourteen-year-old is kicking her in the face.

But again, not real damage.]

I hope that works out. Maybe by the time she catches up, you won't necessarily be at the forefront of her interests. [Optimism: Jill never loses it.]
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I'm pretty sure she intends to. [She's actually pretty neutral as she admits that, though.] I'll try to make the best of it either way.
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[Even Mister Red Eyes would argue about applying the term evil to what he does. Trust Jill when she says that she's had that talk with him so many times -- only to never get anywhere, of course.

Oh jee way to be blunt there]
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2/2 yes, I pulled it in a d_m post

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[what no that wasn't a two-part reaction. Your mutant eyes are seeing things, wtf]

...Maybe so. We'll see how things go.

[that sounds too much like hostage negotiation, sis]
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I actually think Wesker's the only one to have ever made her do it here...

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[Oh, what Mister Red Eyes would say about Jill and her "dependence" on men.

Much less on one who couldn't even beat her in a fight.]

Well. Good luck, again. I'll keep an eye out for you.