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Someone is mad that his mun dropped off the face of the earth

Mad? Oh, where would you get that idea, mademoiselle?

[He's playing with a knife. A very pointy knife.]

Don't you worry; take your time with all that schooling you do in the future. I'm but a gypsy, after all: it's not as if I have anything useful to do with my time, hmm? [Except work on protecting his gypsies from systematic oppression. One might consider that pretty useful. :| ]

Although I do hope you've learned something from this, mademoiselle. Next time trouble comes, tell people that you won't be around anymore instead of just hoping it'll go away. Hope alone doesn't do much. Now then--

[Suddenly, instead of one knife, he has three knives. And he's juggling them. And he's steadily getting more knives in the air.] Let the foolery commence!
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Congratulations, you have an Esme attached to you]
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[You're getting the hug of your life, too! She locks her arms around him as though letting go would mean he'd disappear.]

There you are, finally! I had thought -

[But that's too unpleasant a sentence to finish, so she lets it trail off. IT'S REALLY YOU EEE!]
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[BREATHING IS OPTIONAL okay she'll ease up a little. She pulls back enough to face him. She opens her mouth to answer his question, then realizes anything she could say in response - especially the fact that the school is a dark, scary war zone at present - is just too incredulous.

So she closes her mouth again and buries her face against his shoulder with a muffled, inarticulate little groan.]

At least you're safe, even if that does mean you had to leave.
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[It does, doesn't it? Nice and cheery.]

Things are merely a bit more interesting than you probably remember. [Speaking of which...] And you, monsieur, are not allowed to leave without saying goodbye again. [There would be a good deal of glaring (of the most affectionate kind, of course) involved at this point if she weren't nestled against him so comfortably.

That last comment makes her grin, though.]

That's probably true.
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With the...Mist.

[And because she knows where this will inevitably lead, she hastens to add - and you can practically hear her smile in her tone of voice - ]

Don't worry, I've been careful.

I haven't seen them, not lately. [Read: her mun hasn't really kept up with them, sadly.] I'll take your word for it.

[She missed you, too! She's so perfectly happy at this exact moment. The gentle hair-petting makes her feel very safe and protected, just as it did when she was a little girl. Just as she always feels when they're together.]

As for mercy...

[She glances up at him, smiling mischievously, before resting her head against his shoulder again.]

I don't know. I will have to think about it.