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homeless, might have plans /o\

Look, I understand that "winging it" is usually the way you like to do things, but being prepared this time around might be a better idea with everything you have going on right now. Just a thought.

Besides, I'm fine with the way things are right now. More than fine.
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excuse him while he focuses on just one part of that

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More than fine?
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he likes to think he's focused

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[that makes him a people she cares about. Right? Which he already knew but it's still reassuring to hear.

Okay. Concentrate on the threat.]

Where else would she put you?
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[he doesn't like the sound of space. He's only been once but it was... crowded. And reentering orbit wasn't exactly fun either.

His opinion isn't what matters though.]

Do you... want to go?
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/waits patiently with noms for you to finish beating up the monsters

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[on what's important?

Well, if it's important to her, he'll make it important to him. Whatever it is.

He's taking her answer as a 'no'. Decision made as far as he's concerned.]

So who's she thinking of sending instead?
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/crest flare (and I'm stopping there before the innuendo hits)

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[that smile means he's done something right - and has no idea what. Give him a moment to bask in Not Screwing Up and then:]


[he doesn't know who it is but hey, throw them under the bus. It's for a good cause. They can be proud. Mun might need convincing beyond that though. Hm.]

Which ex-SOLDIER?
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will use appropriate icon to celebrate innuendo and not so subtle innuendo in FFVII

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[Zack's - ?


will Zack get angry at him if he tosses his mentor in the face of oncoming mun plots?

It's for Tifa. It's worth it. Zack would agree. Probably.]

I -

is he the one that made animals of himself?
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just one of the many reasons to love the game. All that crazy!

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[Cloud's not sure what kind of animal to call it. He was feverish and mako muddled and it - he thought it had... wings? Or maybe he just hallucinated that part for himself out of the muddle he'd made of Zack's stories in his own head.

Back of the head scratch. What's he supposed to say to Zack's mentor if he does show up? 'hey, you need to go into space so the girl that's wearing my ring doesn't have to'? That pretty much covers his argument. And if he is sacrificing the guy for Tifa's good, he kind of does owe him at least the admission to his face.

That... and he's kind of curious what someone that mentored Zack would be like. Because he's not sure he trusts some of Zack's stories...]

Maybe we can convince him to help with your mun.
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[ And guess who this is walking in. ]

Cloud Strife.

[ The greeting is polite and to the point, much like Angeal himself, accentuated with a friendly nod. He'd offer a handshake but he's not sure if this Cloud has met him before, so neutrality is probably his best bet for now. :|a ]
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[that little nudge and the teasing has him relaxing. Almost smiling. It does feel good. Like they're together as a team again instead of just living in the same space. It steadies him so that when the new arrival shows up, he's more relaxed than he was.

There's still the slightest bit of a stare.

Holy. It was almost as if he was looking at an older Zack. A much older Zack. With... calmer hair...]

Mm. [head nod to go along with the acknowledgement of the name. He's never met Angeal before and has no idea how many of the people he sees in his dreams regularly would envy him right now.]

And you're Angeal. [they can both feel each other out.] Zack's teacher. He used to quote you a lot.
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[ So far so good, and going better than their first meeting for sure (in Modeoheim, a brief moment which ... is somewhat hazy). A faint smile in response to hearing his name-- ]

That's right. [ --and some of that neutrality slips, because he can't quite hold back a chuckle at that last bit Cloud says. ]

Did he? I hope it was the good sort of quoting. [ Not like drop and give me fifty or something. ]
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[Cloud's memory of a lot of things before his mako dips has gotten foggy and blurry. Tifa couldn't put him back together in places she didn't know and he's still trying to sort out what's him and what's not from those times. But even if his memories were crystal clear, he wouldn't equate the man in front of him with the OHMYGODI'MGONNADIE! looming, dark, overwhelming nightmare snapshot his teenage mind was kind enough to take for him during that a very brief and decisive meeting in Modeoheim with. Jump out of his closet one night, it might remind him.

That chuckle loosens Cloud up though because it's impossible not to chuckle when talking about Zack sometimes and there might be the slightest easing up around his lips.]

Mostly it was about dreams and honor. [and tiny, nobody Cloud had eaten it up too. Fact of the matter, he probably still would just because it would be Zack saying it.] And maybe the honor of dreams when he was tired. It was easy to see the words were important to him.
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[ ... Angeal's memo to self: Do not jump out at Cloud Strife from closets. Or from anywhere, really, and especially not at night time.

But it would make him quite happy to learn he isn't a reminder of that part of both their pasts, at least not immediately. Happy and no small amount of relieved, since he's not proud of himself back then, of what he'd ended up having to do. And with the subject matter being what it is (or rather, about who), Angeal's smile grows a little more, even if it becomes a bit sadder at the same time. ]

I'm glad I was able to leave behind something of importance.

[ Quietly, his eyes trailing away to somewhere around Cloud's left shoulder for a brief moment. Then Angeal looks back up, the smile still in his gaze as he tilts his head to the side. ]

So, Cloud. How's your mun been keeping you? [ Pleasantry though it is, he's genuinely interested, and it probably shows in his voice. ]
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[it's true. Jumping out at Cloud when he's not expecting it could be bad. Don't do that.

and he won't show you what he's done to the Buster sword.]

Whatever you taught him, Zack was somebody anyone would be proud to have carrying on their legacy.

[unlike certain shorter blonds that tended to mess that kind of thing up. Badly. But that's not what they're talking about.]

Pretty well. They say that they spoil me. They're not bad. Not compared to what I've heard some complaining about their muns doing to them. I get to be around my family and friends. That's what really matters. [and speaking of which - thank you for giving him the opening to bring it up so quickly, Angeal] I hear yours is thinking of sending one of you into space.
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[ ... The Buster's just going to be one of things that are Never Discussed. ]

Indeed. I'm sure he'd say the same of you.

[ More than sure, in fact. Don't be so hard on yourself, shorter blond person. ]

And that's good to know -- spoiling is certainly better than many of the alternatives. Take mine, for instance. [ A momentary grimace but it's tinged with amusement which only grows when Cloud mentions the space thing. He nods. ]

It's either space or a cursed city. [ Pause. ] Or both -- she likes overworking herself, I suppose. And putting us through the wringer at the same time.
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[Cloud is fine with Never Discussed things. A big fan in fact. And he's just going to add whether Zack would say the same of him - he would - and whether he deserves that - he doesn't - in that pile too. Concentrating on other things instead.

More important things because he doesn't like the sound of either of those in regards to Tifa. Here comes the bus, Angeal.]

Has she picked which of you she'd be sending yet?
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[ Angeal, too, has come to be a fan of this category over the years. They can start a club, Never Discussed Things Anonymous. There can be badges and t-shirts and everything. ]

Not exactly. I believe there's something of a tie in between myself and two others.
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[black logos on black shirts. Sounds appropriate.]

You need to make sure she picks you or the other guy. Not the girl.
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Not the -- Tifa?

[ Blink blink and then. Oh. He sort of gets it, but then again, it's his mun they're dealing with. Tricksy thing. ]

... Hm. Any tips as to how?
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[the protective way he says it should crystallize some of those assumptions. Then a slight head shake.]

I don't know your mun the way you do. Don't you know what motivates her?
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[ More than crystallize, really. Solidifies them. Angeal's an insightful man. ]

She tends to be rather unpredictable, but, well. Kittens do. And good music. And writing ridiculous things for the sake of writing them.

[ Hmm ... :|a ]
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[kittens, huh?


right. Cloud's got this.]

So tell her you'll go. As a kitten.

... [that's two out of three. right - ]

A singing kitten.
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[ ... A singing kitten.

That's definitely one Angeal hasn't heard before, and it surprises a laugh out of him. ]
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[ And then coughs. ]

I'll see what I can do. Though she might not buy it.