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Voice testing & Possibly thinking about going to [community profile] ink_city


I'm not entirely sure this is such a good idea. What if my master finds out? You know how furious he'd be about me leaving the bell-tower.

Besides, who'd ever want to be friends with me? I'm a monster, you know that. There's no place that would ever want someone like me there. No. I-I couldn't I have to stay where Master Frollo can take care of me and never never think about leaving my home.
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[!!! She's delighted and relieved and worried all at once, and all of that manifests itself in just one word.]

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Quicker than thought, Esmeralda wraps him up in a hug, smiling happily.]

I can't believe you're here! How did you manage? When did you leave? You're not going back, are you?

[She pulls back, looking at him curiously. She suddenly realizes she's flooding him with questions and not giving him a chance to respond, so she pauses and merely squeezes his hands instead.]