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Someone isn't happy about being considered for a game

[Gibbs sips his coffee and stares off into space for a moment]

Are you serious about this. Do I look like the type of guy who do well in a game? If the answer is no why are you still considering it?
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I'm sure you could find something to do with your experience Jethro.
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Well... you do have some practice in both of those, with your four wives and NCIS career. Although I don't think we have had to arrest any killer bunnies.
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I'm glad I got to dodge that one. [Callen smiles]
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No Tony to smack?
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Have a navy explosive ordnance disposal technician

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If they consider it maybe they aren't certain?
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Spirit animal, really?
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I think I understand. Although it's not a bad thing to be positive occasionally.
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You sound like my dad. Which I mean as a compliment.
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Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you need somebody who keeps you all in line. Even if in my case, our team leader is a total asshole.
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I'm pretty sure I've called him that too. Shelby Manning, sir. It's a pleasure.
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Because Bugs enlisted in the Marines (this is canon)

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(Have an anthropomorphic cartoon character in full Marine boots saluting you.)

It's a Mun thing, ossifah! Dey always ah makin' us do tings we don't wanna, all fer a laugh or two!

(Nostalgically:) Jus' like da old days 'a da two-penny theatah.
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(One quick-change later, Bugs is back in his usual lack of attire and munching casually on a carrot.)

I'd recommend a good, inlightenin' slap upside da head, but wid dese Muns, I don't think it'd woik even if ya used a two-by-four.