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On Being Stuck in the Headspace

I fully agree with you, it is a wonderful torture to endure, and I thank you for putting me through it each and every day. The types of characters you have up here... some are so strange, I doubt they understand the first thing about taxidermy. But we both know that causing me pain by keeping me trapped, while enjoyable, is not the reason we came to our arrangement. 

You wished to 'play' me. I've never been used as a form of puppet before, and I think it would be an experience to try. But you've not done anything with this, and I find myself... disappointed. Though I must admit, forcing me to endure an overload of Disney to stop my complaints until now? You truly are vicious.

It can't continue like this, however. I hope that you are able to find a solution that we will both be able to agree on. A girl can only stay buried in an unmarked grave for so long before she has to move on, after all. 

Wednesday Addams.
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To be fair, taxidermy isn't the most common skill. Although maybe it's more common in a world where the dead never come back to bite you.

[Even if it was only dead humans coming back in his own world, it made sense that people would be a bit warier of the dead in his own world, since there was precedent for the dead doing things people thought they couldn't.]
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Burying the dead doesn't really stop us from coming back, though. It really only serves to make those first few hours of coming back quite unpleasant.

[He still hated being enclosed in small spaces to this day because of that.]

Though it is interesting that you bring up the dead not being given the care they expected, since I did ask to be cremated and I clearly was not, though I doubt that could be the whole of the issue or walking corpses would happen far more frequently.
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[He looked confused for a split second when she said 'your welcome', uncertain what she was saying it in response to. He quickly dismissed it, however.]

Most of the dead I've seen rise haven't waited too terribly long before getting back up, though the biological waste explanation would certainly explain why a lot of people started raising at once when we hadn't been before. And once we already rose, I do believe the rotting...well, I think the brains helped with that.

[He seemed a bit awkward and embarrassed bringing up the brains.]
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Well, brain is used sometimes when curing animal hides so they don't rot.

[Not that he had much experience with hunting, but his previous boyfriend did.]

Or maybe it just provides sustenance so that what ever semblance of life I might have will be enough to keep the flies and bacteria from breaking down my flesh.

[Or it had, before the neurotriptaline made him aware of what he was doing...and seemed to provide quite a bit more life than eating brains ever had.]
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[He shrugged.]

I know some people certainly think there's a mystical aspect to it.
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Yes, and I am quite glad I don't have to deal with that, seeing as I've been walking around like this for about five years. Strangely, in some ways I've been feeling...less corpse like.
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[He shook his head.]

No, it's more than that. When I first came back, I couldn't feel anything. I could be shot, stabbed, whatever, and I wouldn't even notice. For the most part, that's still the case, but occasionally...I feel things. Discomfort in my eyes, or just...a flash of feeling. Like my nerves are reconnecting, but only just starting to.
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I think I'd rather not, thank you.

[After all, just because he didn't typically feel pain didn't mean he was going to volunteer to be cut up.]
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Well, yeah, you're certainly going to have to do a whole lot of looking to find anyone who wants to be sliced open.
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Well...yes, and I doubt I'd even feel it, but that doesn't mean I want to hand out free reign to just start slicing me open.
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Yeah, good luck with that.