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Voice Testing. ( Potential AoU Spoilers )

Look, as the current reigning king of bad ideas - this one has me beat. Seriously?

Firstly, how you've got the journal set up? Totally not crazy about how the whole shindig is laid out. It's lacking in the air of sophistication of well -- me. I'm sure you can mess around with some javascript to have it be a full screen image of my face. Maybe add a Geocities type shrine to Pepper. Get some cat gifs in there. Spice up the decor. Chop chop.

Secondly, think you've got a bit of a learning curve, kid. It's way too early in to be thinking of sending me to any glorified daycares with the rest of the spandex friends.
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—I could do with a nap.

[ That's what they do at daycares, right? ]
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[ Do you even lift, bruh? ]

I thought chronic insomnia was part of being heroic.

[ Ha ha, it's a funny. ]
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[ Eh. A shrug. ]

The front lawn's a mess.
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Stray ordinances.

And he makes us run through the hedge maze every Thursday. Did he not tell you?
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I don't speak bird.

[ But let's rewind for a second. ]

He hasn't been calling? [ Steve. Not the birds. ]
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I talk to you, but I don't speak artificially intelligent lifeforms with an emotionally divergent, wavering moral compass.

[ It's a weak-ass burn, but, like, they're still Avengers TM or whatever, so.

Also, that could basically be her epitaph.
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[ The GPS that occasionally guides you to turn left off a bridge. But it's a bad metaphor, and there are times when Natasha decides that she doesn't give enough of a fuck to push when she can be direct.

Her expression closes.

We were lucky that we got a second.
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[ He's going to give her a run for her money, at this rate. ]

It makes me wonder when you're going to stop counting.
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Stark, I have searched for this "javascript" on this "Google" and the results had nothing to do with coffee or plays what-so-ever. What does this mean?

[Be proud Tony, he used two human inventions today. A computer and google. Four if you want to count the keyboard and mouse separately.]
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[And here is that shit again. He knows he should slap you across the face once, everyone should slap him across the face once, but Tony without his suit is an egg without it's shell.]

And these cities of Geo...?
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....Your mortal objects and customs never cease to baffle me, like the fat man that travels the globe during the winter.
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[Another term he doesn't understand!]

"Rocking dad bod"? Is that a kind of ship? I thought he uses a sleigh, when did he use a ship and why is rocking it?

[That cannot be good for the ship.]
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[Thor just looks at Tony. The look that says he would rather fight Ultron again.]
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[... Spandex friends?] Are we talking about an exclusive club here? 'Cause I know a couple folks who definitely need to be signed up for lifetime membership.

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Firstly, this is pleather. Unlike your friends, I ain't overly concerned about flaunting my girlish figure. [So get your facts straight, Tony.]

And B, the pals I have in mind are of the mostly human persuasion. I think. To be honest, you humanoids all look pretty much the same to me.
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What's Geocities?

[in case you needed to feel old today, tony.]
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[come on. he legit doesn't know, man.]
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Back when they had to carve everything into rock, right?

[okay, now he's just messing with you.]
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Not as fast as an e-mail though.
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Lots of players hit the ground running in this place.
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Gotta strike while the iron's hot, I guess.

Not yet. Evidently I'm a dime a dozen, I'm already in every game my player's looked at. She's having fun throwing me at anything that moves here and over at bakerstreet though. Doesn't really have time for the commitment, besides. Not like that'd stop her trying.

If your player does look into anything, don't let your guard down. Lots of those games aren't exactly childproof.
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[Indulgent head shake with a slight smile. It disappears quickly though.]

No one has a choice. They do the best they can with what they're given. It sounds like, if anything, you'd be heading somewhere that's got some of us already there, so at least there'd be some friendly faces.
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Really? Are you really suggesting any idea could be worse than yours truly?
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Tony, these ideas that show up in the middle of the night...

And really. Cat gifs?
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As witness to the vast majority of your ideas, sir, as well as your...unique sense of design, I cannot help but wonder if your player is perhaps on the right track in taking things slowly. Though I understand it must chafe.
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No Xanga?