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And Now We Squee

Is, is it true, Mun? That I'm, I mean, am I really getting to join... them?!

Eeeeeeee. I just can't even! I mean, yeah I debated putting my hero OC in a team fic but I felt it might have been a bit too self-insert but this is real life! I'm actually being in a team and it's not self-insert and it's my actual life! I'm going to be in a team! I... I'm not just going to be a home town hero anymore, Mun. I'll be going everywhere, trying to help everyone! This is... this is so much bigger than I ever thought. Do... do you think I'm ready for it?

(Also, while I can't really yell at you about the shipping 'cause I do it too, can you please remember I might actually meet some of these people?! Though that one is across country... and that one is another company... Wait, not the point! Shipping. Stop. Around me. With me. Whatever way those words make sense!

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We haven't met yet but I thought I give you my congratulations all the same, Ms Marvel. From what I hear you managing I think you'll be one of the brightest new Avengers. And you'll have a lot of good veterans to steer you right in any case.
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Ah yes, that's me. I imagine the union jack gave it away. [The serious expression curls into a bemused grin.]

Nonsense, you're young but that's no weakness, you'll make a fine Avenger I'm certain. And there's a young lady very like you I know who started out much the same, and now I'd trust her with my life.
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Looks like I'm getting off probationary status if I'm jumping to the big time too.

And my mun won't shut up about how he's one step closer to his ship happening, so he and yours have a lot in common there.
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Shipping is just crazy sometimes.

Who's your mun shipping you with?
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[He grins sheepishly.]

Yeah, my mun ships the heck out of the two of us too, and so do some of his friends.

Robbie Reyes is, ah, I think he's the new Ghost Rider. The one with the car.
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's okay. My mun just likes the fact that we're a couple of really selfless and heroic kids, doin' the right thing 'cause we can.

Beats the heck out of me. I'd think the flaming skull thing would be a major turn off.
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[he grins, then laughs.]

Hey, getting your own action figure proves you've made it big. And there's plenty of collector-oriented toylines these days...
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Seriously cool.
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Definitely. Pretty sure I might have a toy already 'cause of the Spider-Man cartoon, only that's not really the same as comic me.
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Yeah, I guess it is.

Oooh, maybe you could get one of those build-a-figures, of you all "embiggened!"
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Aw, geeze. You're right. That would suck.
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Aaaw, man. I hate that!
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Heroes? Please, heroes are overrated. You should think of a different career path.
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Anyone who calls themselves Captain Marvel, is overrated.

[Facts, fan girl, facts!]
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Makes her sound like a corporate tool, if anything!

[To him all heroes sound like corporate tools.]
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No I'm not, this is a legitimate insult.
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...I'm glad that you're excited, but sometimes, being part of the Avengers isn't all that it's cracked up to be. [Then again, between the other Avengers not agreeing with his attempts at solving conflicts non-violently and his robotic assistant turning genocidal, Hank's become rather pessimistic towards the idea of superheroics lately.] Hopefully this will work out for you, though.
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Sounds about right. ...Can't believe we actually agree on something. [That last part was mostly muttered to himself, though still loud enough to hear; he hasn't had much of a chance to meet the X-Men, but from what he's heard about Wolverine, they don't have a lot in common.] At least you'll be working with some people with experience, and hopefully they can help with any problems that come up. I haven't met the Falcon or the Vision, but I've heard great things about them.

It certainly seems that way.
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I believe this means congratulations are in order.
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Hey, welcome to the club! It's been a long time comin', says this side o' the board. Ring? Popcorn stand? Eh, wev.

Just, uh . . . maybe careful what alf-hassed plans cooked up by impressive super-dudes ya go along with, ya dig?
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If not, it'd be a totes lame twist. 'Cause we all know, whosoever picks up this biznasty shield of Cap, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of morality and junk. [when you're Cho? any moment is a perfect moment to make fun of Thor]
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wow i'm sorry this is so late ahhh

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Do it and get back to me. I suddenly have a . . . mighty need to know, too. Being the info wiz and all.