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It's been, what, two years? And you just think you can walk in and pick me up again like it was yesterday.

You've got some attitude to you, I'll give you that.

What are you actually trying to do here? Give yourself some inspiration for writing, or just killing time? Don't know if I appreciate being fodder for either, but I think a straight answer would be better than you trying to kid yourself. And wanting to make an account for an older me? Dude, I dont even know what I want to do next week, let alone what I'd be

Seriously. You even thinking about this?

And you just re-watched the movie. You know I don't do people. Stop trying to change that.
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I don't think that's entirely true.
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Oh. You're adorable. [ Don't mind Reid giving you a once over. You just look like a certain someone he knows.]
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To hell with this wishy-washy bullshit about "not doing people" - maybe you'd actually get somewhere if you put in as much effort motivating yourself as you do with growing out your hair, Ozzy Osborne.
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The only thing that is truly dead inside me is my tolerance for mopey low-life girly haired dipshits that use their misanthropy as an excuse for sitting on their asses.
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[personal profile] wasonceahiro 2015-03-02 10:33 pm (UTC)(link)
You and I get along fine for a guy who claims he 'doesn't do people'. [Smug not!Hiro is smug.]

And who knows? This could be good, y'know? [Of course in his mind the fact that there are scientists and other superheroes here means his mood towards this whole thing has done a 180 since Warren first spoke to him.]
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Doesn't mean it had to work out well. Give yourself some credit, man.

It could be a new beginning. And everything has the potential to be good. Why can't you see that?
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You won't roast anyone. Don't worry about it.

You don't have to be. I told you before, this place isn't like however your world was. Things can be better here. Can't you give this a chance before shooting it down? Maybe we can hang out on a meme or something so I can show you this place isn't a dark abyss.
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I have faith in you not to.

I don't ask you to get happy. But content, maybe. Y'know, that satisfied feeling that makes things a little bit brighter.
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Not for long. You'll get the hang of it.

'Heard of it'? You've felt it, right? That distinct, 'things don't suck, yay, I have gummi bears and this song is awesome' moment? You've had that, right?
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You don't have to follow in his footsteps if you don't want to. You're not your dad, you're just related to him. I know a daughter of a supervillain who is a kickass scientist. People can choose what they want to be - so, do you want to be a supervillian? 'Cause that's what matters.

Then we definitely need to hang out and fix that.
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Gotta go, be back in the afternoon.

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Then that's what you need to figure out. Without the people who think you're evil hanging around, I mean. You do you, as my mun's hipster friend says all the time.
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That's okay. And, for what it's worth - I'm not giving up on you. Whatever you decide, we can still be friends.
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[personal profile] wasonceahiro 2015-03-04 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
Sure. Why not? You're a unique guy with a pretty interesting way of looking at things and you seem to get me, more or less. I've been friends with people over less than that.
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I get out plenty. But I can't afford to make friends, not again, not in my world. I'm not sure if the police ever connected me to my crime so I have to tiptoe around people. Don't get me wrong, I'm cool with them, people are cool with me. I just can't actually talk to them about anything that's really happened. They can't even know my real name.

It would suck a lot less to have a friend who actually knew something about me besides 'likes gummy bears and fixes stuff'.
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Yeah. [He puts his hands in his pockets, looking away for a moment.] Well, Atsui, what now? [Yeah, you get a nickname, too.]
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Work what stuff out? All mine's been doing is schoolwork and a slow dive into insanity.

[Hey! Not everyone gets to have genius IQs, Hiro!]
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I have a post of the memes I'm on right now in my journal. And my mun's plurk info is in my profile. So... I guess that means we'll be hanging out more, then?
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And the meme posts are gonna be a regularly weekly thing, so hey, there's that.

But yeah, see ya when I see ya, Atsui.