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It isn't enough that you want me to play house with a bunch of mortal nobodies. Oh, no. You're going to allow me to be turned into one of them.

[Seriously, ew. Ew ew ew.]

Do you have any idea what you're getting me into? No-- what you're getting yourself into. You still have a chance to change your plans and find a more suitable place to attempt an application for. I'm sure we could work out something agreeable if you were willing to compromise, but if you're not... well.

You don't want me as your enemy, girl. I am not some toy for you to play dolls with, or a challenge for you to take on for fun. You're diving headfirst into something you aren't prepared for, and if you think I can't destroy you from the inside out just because you don't believe I'm real, then you clearly haven't been paying attention.
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Threaten all you want. They tend to ignore anything that makes sense.
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( Oh no, don't be sorry. He is just more accustomed to the role of the jerk than being on the receiving end as of late. Excuse the surprise. ) Then why waste your breath?
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Isn't that what movie villians do before they lose?