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+1 Billionaire bat.

So, what? You decided to pull me out of your head space because it's nearing Halloween? Is that it? Really. I thought you had a better excuse than that. What about letting me out to scare some folks around Wayne Enterprises wearing a bat mask? Now that sounds like fun. I doubt Lucius will be very pleased but he'll get over it.

Alfred? He knows I'm here now. You don't need to worry about him. I just have the whole of Gotham to think about as well as any other psycho villains that might decide to show themselves at Halloween. [Isn't everyday like Halloween in Gotham?]

So, any ideas what you'll do with me now? You know what? Just leave me be. Let me get on with what I want to do. What I need to do. You know what I mean. Any weirdo in a mask? I can handle that.
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What about the ones who don't wear masks, hmm? Evil's not always somethin' so neat an' tidy as that.

[Says the man who's spent most of his life fighting the "good guys" against his will. Having a head full of errant personalities made it hard for him to so clearly define good vs. evil.]
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Don't I know it. Spent most o' my life scrappin' with the spandex brigade over misunderstandings an' my own lack o' self-confidence. Most still see me as a "villain", though that's never been my intent.
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It's a figure o' speech, mate. Most use unstable molecules or body armor or whathaveyou. Just has that look to it, an' it's easy to take the piss on those who wear it.

{Meanwhile David's fashion comprises basically whatever he can get his hands on, currently being an orange pair of scrub bottoms, a white dress shirt, and a red and black vest.]

Not a villain at all. Just a bloke with a messed-up noggin' an' a headful o' other personalities that control the couple o' hundred super powers I've got. Only reason I've ever been called a "villain" is when one o' the stronger ones takes control, likes ta call the gestalt in my noggin "Legion". I'm better about keepin' control now, but my reputation's unfortunately taken a permanent header inta the bin. Makes it hard ta try an' do anything to help folks.
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It's actually pretty bleedin' simple. Group o' mutant-hating mercenaries stormed my house when I was a boy, intent on killin' me ma an' me, both for bein' Israeli, and me for bein' a mutant. All they ended up doin' was killin' my stepdad, an' causin' me to activate my powers for the first time. Next thing I know I've absorbed a bloke's mind inta my own, and the shock o' losin' the only father I'd known then made my mind the mess it is now.

The spandex brigade calls me that, but I don't care for it. I'd prefer if ya called me by my name; David Haller.
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Why Halloween and not some other holiday?
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That makes sense. Seemed a little random without the explanation. Thanks.
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It's Halloween, what's not to like about that? Mine agrees. What new video game? We haven't been keeping up with that stuff.
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Like the psycho villains in Gotham only limit themselves to Halloween.

[Harvey, you grow up to be a psycho villain, you can't talk.]
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I've got accounts for both pre and postcrispy TDK Harv. c:

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If by 'certain charm' you mean 'rise in crime', then it's got a great charm.
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[That gets a small smile (while mentally, Harvey is just eyerolling. What does Rachel see in you, Wayne.)] Hey, I'm thankful for that. Not many people want to throw fundraiser parties for one of the most troublesome men in Gotham.
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You don't exactly have a lot of freaks who wear masks in your rogue's gallery, Bruce.
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[ The absence of ash and char would indicate chemical burns. ]

That Gotham's freaks don't often wear masks.
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Their fixation on Halloween...your fixation on masks...I wonder if there isn't an interdependent factor at play here that might make pulling you out entirely appropriate.
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That depends on how deeply your difficulty with dualities run. Gotta hand it to you, though, your instincts are pretty remarkable.. [And you're a whole different Bruce to boot.]
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Your public face is exactly the same as your private one? [Yeah, she'll call shenanigans on that.]

Anything else you'd like to take a bash at, mister...?
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I hear only the crazies are out on Halloween.
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[He really is. And she's not so sure about the masked ball thing yet.] Aren't we a little old to be out trick or treating?
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Halloween's usually a busy night. Good to be prepared.
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But some people need to be needed. Guess I'm one of them.