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m-maybe [community profile] vatheon?

This is illogical. If you intend to apply, then you should begin. If you do not, return your focus to your other games. Indecision accomplishes nothing. Research will give you the information you are lacking in, and if I am to join my comrades, I would prefer it to be sooner, rather than later.
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I, too, am somewhat troubled by the often-illogical behavior of these "muns."
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They seem often not to think before they act. Calculated movement is lacking. And so, that is how I found myself in my current situation--and you in yours, it seems.
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Don't tell me you actually want to go to one of those "games." Hmph.
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Just the two of them, huh. Well, there's no way they'll be able to handle things on their own, in that case.
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Then what the hell are you waiting for?

( yes... you see -- that's the point he's trying to make. if he were there he could handle it. but just cielo and serph? that's hardly enough man-- er, demonpower )
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Don't tell me you're actually letting them call the shots.
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( heat just likes to think that he can, apparently... ) It sounds like they need more than just a little supervision.
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Hey, we're doing just fine.

[Gosh, you two. We have a base set up and everything.]

Not that you would be unwelcome, bro.
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/gotta reply here too, because eff yes cielo!!

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( oh you mean you did something productive for once? here, let me get you a cookie... )

"Fine" isn't going to cut it. I bet you don't last a week.
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[Why you gotta be that way, Heat?]

What do you mean by that? We've gone a month without problems, ja?
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( it's totally is way of caring. can't you tell through all the mild hostility?? ) You've been lucky so far, then.
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[Yes, but still, would it kill you to give a hug or something once in a while?]

Maybe. But I like to think that we're doing well. No harm in taking a more positive view.
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( sure, come here and let me hug you... with my teeth!! 8D )

Positivity isn't going to keep you from getting your ass kicked.
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And neither will being negative.

[He tries to find happiness whenever he can, for both his sake and for everyone else's. They've had more than their fair share of misery. One day, Heat, he'll get you to smile, and then he can die an accomplished man.]
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It's a pretty nice place.

[Not Nirvana, but hell, it's easy to be a step above the Junkyard.]

Maybe you'll like it, ja?
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[Is that a hint of warmth Cielo detects? He thinks so. He's bothered the Embryon strategist enough to start becoming fluent in Gale.]

Ja, we will see.
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[HI SUP. Totally addressing both Heat and Gale :3c]

It would be good to see both of you.
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( he smirks; oh hi fearless leader ) What sort of mess are you caught up in, this time?
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[HMMM. Shaking his head. There have been very few 'messes'.]

Vatheon is a mostly peaceful city. However, a wave of ailments have affected the residents recently.

[But he and Cielo are going to be blowing up part of the city soon! Really!]
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Ailments? Who cares. If they keel over, that just means there's more for the two of you.

( oh, a bbq you say... )
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/whoops sorry, was talking to mum!

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[Giving you a frown.]

They are friends.

[He shouldn't need to explain further.]

...And I have a stomach ache.
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no problem \o/

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( have a frown right back... because he's surely not pouting... ) Hmph. ( sounds like something argilla would say... ) What about Sera, then? She should be with you, shouldn't she?
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[Gosh, Heat, go gorge yourself on NPCs or something if you're so disappointed; they'd make good comfort food for you.

Shaking his head.]

She isn't. Only Cielo arrived with me.
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( dont judge me for drowning my sorrows in meat, leader ) What? Then... where the hell is she!?
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[JUDGING-- okay not really but if Argilla was here she'd be judging you pretty hard.

Serph just shakes his head. He really has no idea where Sera is. He's been patient, waiting for his comrades to show up.]

I lost contact after the Karma Temple's destruction.


She may also be drawn to Vatheon.
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( whatever!! i'll just judge her girlfriends assless chaps, then ) Lost contact!? What the hell is that supposed to mean!? How are we supposed to get to Nirvana!?
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I haven't seen her since.

[He has no idea how they'll get to Nirvana, honestly, but...]

We'll find our comrades and find a way to Nirvana.

[They've come too far and killed too many people. Serph isn't going to take a "NO PARADISE FOR YOU" from life.]
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You damn right we're going to! ( he's obviously not going to take no for an answer ) ... I'll find Sera myself if I have to.
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[Putting a hand on Heat's shoulder.]

You won't be alone.

[...And Serph doesn't exactly want to lose Heat if he runs off on his own and get killed.]

Vatheon can bring people from different worlds. We can find a way to Sera, wherever she is.

[He puts slightly more emphasis on his next sentence.]

We will find her.
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( he balls a hand into a fist -- seemingly getting angrier and angrier -- until that hand on his shoulder sort of -- snaps him out of it. he remains frowning though ) There's no way we can let someone else to get their hands on her...
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A nod; yes, it would be good to have Gale around. However...]

Only if your mundane is willing.

[He's seen what happened when people joined the Embryon unwillingly, so it's not hard to imagine the same would apply to games.]
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Oh. Yes, February only has 29 days...]

There is always the next application cycle.
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[That's true. However.]

You will be more prepared in a month.

[After all, this mun actually had their app done in time but waited until the next app cycle to actually hand it in. Basically hitting F5 repeatedly the day before apps opened YEAH.

There are advantages and disadvantages to applying now versus applying later. He has faith his strategist will choose the one he thinks is best.]