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So you want to "voicetest" me? Go ahead. You know, you should probably acknowledge that you won't do well, but I can admire the ambition. I'll give you this: you have a type. I'm not sure if that says something good or something bad about me, but either way, you're consistent.

Not to be cynical, but I doubt this'll last. You'll move on. You're sure as hell not sticking me into some kind of game, and the novelty'll wear off sooner or later.

[A raised glass in mock cheers.]

Enjoy me for now. I have work to pretend to do.
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You want some help with that bottle?

((ooc: ROGERRRRRRRRRR! just venturing into voice testing, myself, so extra apologies for weakness of voice. and just as an fyi-thing, this guy's can be any point up through 5.6. BUT ANYWAY AUGH. ROGER!))
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Always happy to be of service.

[He could use the drink and then some. Although he has barely just set foot in this place, he already has a strong sense that something isn't right. Something about worlds and games, about disappearing and reappearing and having god knows what done to you. What the hell is that all about? There might be something positive to it, as well, something about a freedom he hasn't held in years, but it's too early to know about that.

For the moment, Don is merely grateful that he's essentially mastered the art of inscrutability. He doesn't need anyone taking capitalizing on his uneasiness, let alone gloating over it. And he isn't about to underestimate Roger Sterling's capacity for gloating.]

I take it you know something about this place?

((ni-ice. gotta be good times having both of them in the head... or something, heh.))