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AU!street kid Asuka, bound for SAVE DA URF

Really? You're sendin' me there? Figures you can't come up with anything creative. Would it kill you to try something new for once?

And seriously, don't think this means we're friends, or that I'm listening to you. Nope, not gonna happen, no way. But hey, if it means I get to beat some werewolves or whatever shitless 'til they go runnin' off with their tails between their furry legs, I guess it can't be all that bad.

But I'm not too uh, keen or however you calls it on this memory loss thing. Not interested in playing Back to the Future or Back to the Past or whatever else, so you can forget about that, too. Otherwise? Carry on, kid.

...quit shippin' me with her also. We're not like that, alright? No matter what she says, tch.
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[personal profile] soulsborderline 2013-05-13 02:11 pm (UTC)(link) This is all kinds of second-hand embarrassment already.
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[That's just going to earn crossed arms and a glare in return.]

That's a new one. Do I look like the kind of girl who'd wear pink?
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[At this point, it's pretty clear to Asuka that this girl isn't even worth paying attention to, and she looks off fairly imperiously.]

No, I'm mouthing off like I enunciate better than you. Which - as much as I hate to admit it - isn't much of an accomplishment.
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A thug who likes Beethoven, huh?

[Wait, where has she heard that before?]

Nur nicht starten "Singend im Regen", Alex. Ich habe Pfefferspray
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[A truly smart person would have known to quit by now.]

Japanese, too? You're wasting a lot of education here.

[Asuka is only book-smart.]
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[Rude, lady. And uncalled for. Then again if that's the best she can come up with.]

Whatever. Go do whatever it was you were planning to go do to girls and werewolves, I guess.
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[Guard broken, time to inflict a bleeding wound.]

But a werewolf is fine?