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Homeless and Full of Disappoint

I must admit, small one, this decision was unexpected of you, particularly knowing what you know... of my fate.

I had hoped for a better outcome, with the decision I had made. In all sense of the phrasing.

[Committing treason had been a difficult thing for him, and look how that turned out. Starscream lived and the Autobots still failed; it was like his sacrifice was completely in vain.]

Still, I suppose that the choice is yours... but the end result will be of my will, and mine alone. I will not be dragged about by you as leashed pet. Though I will expect you to keep me informed of events regardless.
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throwing Mirrorverse Starscream at you

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...Scrap, you're not a version who died, are you?!
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the universe likes to beat on him in any dimension

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[First instinct is to shift into jet mode and circle Dreadwing at a distance. Shoves that one aside. Jerkily raises his hands instead, spread out to show he wasn't sharpening his claws or shifting to blasters, just placating hands.]

That's not--!

[Stumbles over the words.]

--ah, D-Dreadwing, have you heard of the theoryofalternatedimensions--?

[And off into rapid-fire ramble. Starscream really did not want to get into a fight, especially with a comrade, even an alternate version of him--especially one that apparently died. And because of his counterpart.]
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you'd think he'd be used to it by now

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Exactly! [Stabs a finger into the air for emphasis, because Starscream is a twitchy flailing creature that flails under pressure and he just can't keep still.] If I were lying, I would come up with something more convincing than that!

[Oh for pit's sake, that sounded bad...but it was the truth, and his best argument at the moment.]

I would never say something that unreal unless it was the bizarre truth!
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definitely a Determinator

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[Starscream glances to Dreadwing's sword, still unsheathed. Then his eyes dart up to the larger Con's face. He coughs, straightening up and trying to make his voice calm.]

Er, in the interest of keeping this brief...multiple and alternate versions of a universe can exist, where events play out differently, people live different lives, though the degree of difference between these alternate versions vary, from the miniscule to the extreme, to somewhere in between....

[Was he already going too long?]

I'm a version of Starscream that...that hasn't even seen you in ages. [Now he's struck by the uncomfortable thought that the Dreadwing in his dimension could be dead for all he knows. Gives another cough to distract himself and get back on topic.] Somehow, this place, wherever, whatever it exactly is, it can break every scientific law and gather people from different dimensions, different times, and...and even from the dead, you are not the only one. [Struck by the downright painful reminder that he had met Thundercracker, a different, living version of him.]
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[IT'S A COMPLICATED ISSUE. HE COULD'VE GONE FOR PAGES ON IT FOR PIT'S SAKE. Still, this other Dreadwing sort of has a point. And more importantly, has the sword. And most relevant of all, Starscream's a talkative creature.]

Admittedly I did not adhere to that definition at all.

[...Ohscrap why didn't he think this through of course he'd come up and if Dreadwing is asking did that mean that another version of Skyquake was also--then maybe his trine from this Dreadwing's world was also...also....]

Dead. [Voice flat and small.] Made a Terrorcon like my trine....

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[Still rather flat and drained tone.] Join the club. [Last time he checked, Knock Out had veritably started one.]

[Something of a low snarl.] Optimus Prime and Ratchet wanted to experiment. Again.

[Then the other coin drops.] ...Wait, if it wasn't them, who--what happened to your Skyquake--?

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[Starscream finds the quiet stoic ones to be something of a mystery.]

Not my Prime.

[Well, no wonder Dreadwing wanted to eviscerate him, and Starscream's brain has kindly been broken, he'll just be speechless and looking horrified for a while.]
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sorry for MirrorScream's Blue Screen Of Death

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[Nope, mind still broken, feeling rather catatonic now. He--a counterpart of his...had done that. The same thing Ratchet had done to his trine...the thought that any part of himself, any version of himself had done that was...not good for the brain.]
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Re: nonsense it's beautiful XD

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[The sound of the sword sheathing snaps him out of it. Starscream registers Dreadw--the other Dreadwing's words.]

...Does it really matter now? [His voice a low guttural scrape.]

[Starscream had run into Optimus, Orion, whatever the frag he wanted to call himself, in this strange place, once. Had instantly attacked him, only to learn later that he technically never ordered the experimentation or the destruction of Vos. And since then...he'd wondered, sometimes, what he'd do if he ran into a Ratchet that claimed he was guiltless. The thought made him see red. Starscream doubted it would matter to him, it would still be Ratchet, Ratchet that--

...He couldn't fathom Dreadwing really letting any version of him go like this. Not after what happened.]
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[Starscream ran a weary claw over his face, then looked back to Dreadwing.]

No, I would not lie to you about this.

[Another thing catches his attention, and draws an instinctive response.]

Seems like Lord Megatron would let you rectify such a thing.

[Mouth, insert heeled foot.]
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homeless still?

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...Different from my Megatron,then.

[Unless was this other Megatron being...merciful? If the impossible happened and his dimension faced the same situation, he couldn't really see Megatron denying Dreadwing like this.]
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cool, I tried apping there, will have to revise

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...That doesn't sound very reassuring.

[Alternate dimensions or not, Starscream's still wary of the Autobots.]

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