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Because a follow up post needed to happen.


[Oh god, sunlight! Vampire hisses! Where's his sunglasses? ...oh right, he doesn't have any, because he gets paid shit. And why is he handcuffed to the futon?]

[...Sayoko did something kinky, didn't she? Of course she would when he wouldn't be able to remember it.]

...mun, just how drunk did you let me get last night?

...hn? Game? Yeah, sure; send me somewhere. Send a toilet while you're at it. Ugh...
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[Silently handing him a glass of water and some aspirin, her expression deeply disapproving.

But totally not closing those curtains. :| Negative reinforcement attempt, go. Though you've done this many times before, most likely, and it hadn't worked then...]
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[When your eyes work better in the light, you might notice a very obvious and rather nasty-looking bruise on her chin, the twin of which is likely on your knee.]

[She does keep her voice down when she speaks, though it's certainly not a whisper.]

I'll get you more water and some coffee once you've finished that glass.

[Need to get you rehydrated. No regular coffee this morning though, because she knows it's a diuretic, and that's the last thing you need. You'll have to settle for decaf she's almost curious to see if you'll notice the difference, considering the state you're in.]
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[Mug of (decaf) coffee (or would that be "coffee") gives a quiet thunk as she sets it on the table in front of you, then posts a hand on her hip and looks down at you with a mixture of skepticism and inquisitiveness.]

So. After last night's frivolous revelries, are you any closer to finding yourself a game?
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[Let's see if you're still saying that once you taste it and realise it's decaf.]

In that case, it was a rather pointless exercise, wasn't it?

[Geez Naoto, ROOD. And no it wasn't, look at all the lulz that were had X'D]
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[Naoto didn't bat an eye at that accusation, nor did she sound at all apologetic.]

It was not my intent to offend. I was merely pointing out the central fact of the matter.

[She watched him nurse that cup of coffee for a moment, then asked,]

Do you feel well enough to attempt eating? A piece of dry toast at least, perhaps...
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Mm...of the few games I'm familiar with, Dragonhaven is the first to come to mind that fits that detail. But as your mun already plays Izanami-san there...

[Still, she's curious, what can she say.]

[...And she hasn't gone snooping through your kitchen yet, Adachi, because she's too polite to do so without express permission or a warrant, but...somehow, she is not particularly surprised that you don't have something as commonplace as bread.]

...I rather suspected that would be the case.

[...Whether she means the lack of food or the lack of interest in food...well. So she'll set an orange that she brought from home on the table in front of you.]
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Ah. Aliunde, I believe it is.

[She looks down at him silently for a while, then ventures, albeit a bit reluctantly,]

...If you'll agree to at least attempt to eat some of it, I'll peel that orange for you.

[She doesn't want to coddle him, and after his behaviour last night, Adachi is completely deserving of this hangover, but...he's her teammate, and teammates look out for each other, regardless of the reason(s) behind whatever trouble they're in.]
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That's all I ask.

[All business, Naoto joined him at the table, taking the orange and starting in on it, her fingers quick and deft; before long, she's very nearly done.]

Don't force yourself. If you start feeling particularly ill, let me know.

[...That came out sounding surprisingly gentle. Peeling done, she sets the fruit in front of Adachi.]
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[...He's...probably very lucky Naoto can't read minds, because she would've had to leave the room if she knew he was thinking things as ridiculous as that.]

[As it is, she just got up to wash her hands before returning to her seat at the table, the better to keep a close eye on how Adachi was doing.]