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Creativity conflicts. What else is new.

I'll be direct. [when is she not] I appreciate the update, and the fact that you've finally stopped sneaking looks at those other games. It's a lot less pressure on my part, at least.

As for this latest plan of yours, we need to talk. Bringing a piece of Kijuju into the game won't "contribute" anything, so that argument's out. "Plots and guilt trips" don't count, either. As much as you like having danger a constant possibility, this isn't your usual event and plot case; it's something of a commitment, if you wanna go that far -- it would be incorporated permanently, and knowing you, you'd abuse the daylights out of that fact.

All I ask is that you think this through before jumping in. Don't count on all the ifs and maybes, don't make any assumptions, and don't rush into it. Considering your recent concerns, your time would probably be put to better use in another playthrough. Prioritize, in short. It'll pay off for both of us.

[/briefing /lecture /whatever you want to call it]
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[What is this bizarre language you are speaking in, not!girlfriend???]
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[You can't seriously be using an icon talking about not looking at your tits, sugarbabydollsweetiekins.]

How do you pick up a damn village and put it somewhere else?
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[But you wore it for Alice! Is John worth less than a super powered Mary Sue? Really? He's distraught.]

Why don't you bring in something that's not specific to you? Just have a giant Statue of Liberty in the middle of the place, or the Eiffel Tower. Leaning Tower of Pisa. Or your favorite diner, not...Kiwhatever.
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[Jill, please wear that suit that gives you all the bad memories. Because clearly the look is more important than her feels on it, right?]

I'm thinking nothing in that village is going to be the good kind of violence.

[She knows what he means by that, he hopes.]
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[Turned John off from getting a library card, that. Not that he used regular libraries much in the first place, but.

Sometimes he's not so bad, right? Good.

Maybe your boss should ask. There might be a want for that sort of thing. Some of these people are sick fucks, you know, just want everyone they play to die a thousand times and then some.
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[Like everyone wants to kill their dudes and ladies, Jill, how could you not see it coming?]

Me? Eventful? Not at all. Just sitting around doing jackshit while the mun...uses other people, I guess you'd call it.

[John is not at all bothered by this, either.]
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I am totally beside myself. Spend all night tossing and turning, can't sleep, can't eat, can't do anything. Truly, this is my worst nightmare come to life.
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If there were a bunch of undead dinosaurs running around at the time, I would have been better off than half the sorry fuckers we were stuck with. That might not have been so bad.

[The one event that was totally his fault...]
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[Hey, he brought it up in the first place. He can totally take any heat about it. It's not like he doesn't get enough heat back home to deal with a little more, really.]

And with a better cafeteria. But miss you? God, what am I, sentimental?

[Straight face might not be so straight, just a little hint of a smile. Maybe.]

I probably would, given enough time.
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[Why is Jill not getting complimented? Not that John believes people should be handing out compliments willy nilly, of course not, but still: there's a lot about her to compliment, so why is not happening? That is a thing that should happen often.

Just not from him.

Maybe next week'll be better, compliment-wise.
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You can always die.

[It's a bit quicker than it probably should be, the content of the discussion considered, but John knows death, and there's a lot of levels of it that aren't no longer breathing, kissed by the Grim Reaper, died and gone to heaven/hell death. There's always death where there's life; that's how it's been since Eden, if he were to go down that little road.]

"Can't exactly be killed off"—sounds like there's room for death there.
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[Look, everyone he knew for any length of time back home died in less than a week. That and his...issues...with death itself—he's not a fan of it, okay? Not that many people should be or probably are, but he's even less a fan. He's the anti-fan. He's the fan turning in the opposite direction when it comes to death. The one trying to blow itself away, steer in the other direction.

Do not pass go, do not collect a theme park full of red delights at the end of it all, tyvm.

What, the game doesn't allow it? Or if you do die, you don't come back sort of thing?
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[John would have known if she died. ~~True Sight~~, and also, people didn't come back where he's from. They died and were buried long before their body was stuff. Up or down, there was no in-between, no place to sit and wait while the family paid dues to the church in order to get their immortal soul out of limbo faster.

It was black and white, in that regard.

Like lose a limb or super special memories kind of steep? What kind of steep are we talkin' 'bout?
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[This is usually about the time he lights up. But Jill doesn't like that, and he tries. God damn it, does he try. It's all he can do at this point, try and hope for the best.

Not that he's very good with hope, but it's a little thing to not smoke around her.

...a spirit, huh. [Not the strangest thing he's heard of. Then again, after dealing with Lu's kid, nothing seems strange anymore.] Doesn't sound too pleasant.

Neither does death that you can come back from, but hey. These muns are total bitches in regards to that.
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[At least his trying isn't going to waste! She's recognizing it! Progress lvls +3]

Aw, she love you guys too much? Too attached to you little babies? That's sweet. Real sweet. Sentimental, even.

[We don't talk about saving friends from death very well, not with John.]
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[But you have to be loved to get the not!boyfriend that is John Constantine! So sweet, so charming~, such a keeper!]

Oh, I've seen some of it. Those fic things...that time he appeared. But, you know...he kind of was, wasn't he? You don't just get over that sort of shit. It follows you, no matter where you go. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you're not turned into some slobbering, shaking and crying pitiful mess who secretly longs for him to love you and give you fucking babies or some bullshit.

[Not addressing that last part, nope.]
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Uh, just the one. From your boss, I mean. She hasn't gone out looking for anything else that wasn't guaranteed to be totally terrible just from the summary.

And they never actually involved you, so it's not a big deal. Right? No big deal. These things happen.