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potential spoilers and a bad voice test.

You don't have to do this if you don't want to.

But remember that someone has to and will do it, even if you don't. Not all of us have that luxury of choice, so I guess you're one of the lucky ones. [A scowl.] Just give a warning before you get in over your head and decide to send me somewhere, got it?

We can't all be pulling kamikaze stunts.

[Someone's not exactly happy with their recent meme tags. I'm willing to bet it's because of the 'causing-his-partners-emotional-distress' part.

also. is he chapter 3-Chris? not even the mun knows.
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Warnings would be nice. Let me know if you happen to get that lucky one day.

[This is a smile. Even if the emotional distress is indeed emotional. And distressing. But not quite here yet so stfu we can be happy.]
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this is good AND HI

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Might as well have something to look forward to. Couldn't hurt, at least.

[Chris, you clearly need more happiness in your life. 8( Especially after RE6 decided to take RE5's happy ending, tear it up, and go, "LOL NOPE."]

If nothing else, I'm getting used to it, though.
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IT'S ALL GOOD I drink up angst. Good for the soul or smth. Maybe.

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I hear that. I'm pretty hard-pressed for sympathetic company these days, anyway.

[Because this is Resident Evil and no matter how bright things look at any given moment, it will inevitably be turned on its head as everything goes to hell.

At least until they retire. If they make it that far]

More than once. But as long as the circumstances are what they are, I should be prepared. [It pays off in the short run, okay.

And. Yeah, +10 Srs.]
And speaking of stunts, I hope you haven't been picking up any bad habits lately.

[We're not referring to the drinking. Or smoking. Or anger issues. Or jumping in blind. Or--]
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like fresh-baked cookies and blueberry muffins. Which, in a drink form, is somewhat odd, I add.

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[Her eyebrow goes up right back at him] No rest for the weary, huh? I'll have you know I get that enough from one man in my life already. [THE SYMPATHY, CHRIS, WHERE IS IT.

And of course she knows. More or less. She might not know exactly wtf's going on in that thread just yet but Partner Instincts + Woman's Intuition = no hiding things ever.]
Nice to know someone else picks up my slack when I'm not keeping an eye on you. [A half-smile. Teasing, all the teasing. She trusts you, Chris, really.]

Or maybe not "habits" as much as... repetitive impulses. Like taking on too much at once.
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well, "drinking up" angst in drink form = less weird/dangerous than drinking down solid food. So.

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[That eyebrow of hers manages to go even higher, believe it or not.] I'll be surprised if you do, actually. Pretty sure I never introduced you. [Right back at you, bro.

She shrugs both shoulders, crossing her arms with a slight grin.]
Thought about it, but the B.S.A.A. tends to turn up good candidates without making me look too far. I've found it's easier to let them come to me.

[SHE SEES THAT GUILTY LOOK] I don't know about the fun, but I know from experience that it makes things a lot less difficult. And stressful. [because she can be the same way sob] Never thought you were one for fun on the job, anyway.
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True. Tempted to patent it and call it BOTTLED ANGST now.

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[HEY NOW are you questioning her taste >T ] Well, to be completely fair, we've never exactly made our personal lives the topic of many discussions. [Being workaholics does that.

If I didn't, I couldn't call myself a very good partner. [A gentler smile.] And maybe it's not, but that doesn't mean you can't try.

[And there's a bit of a Look there that may or may not translate to something like if not for yourself, then do it for me and everyone else who worries about you or something equally guilt-tripping sympathetic.]
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...excellent. On both accounts.

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[sob how dare you her last/kind-of-current/sort-of-boyfriend is a total winner, she would have you know.

...And she would totally be lying if she actually said that.]
Story of our lives. [Still, a smile. She's enjoyed it all the same.] Guess we'll have something to talk about when we're old, at least.

[GOOD, CHRIS, GOOD] I think I can get sentimental just this once and say you already have. [Baw. See what she did there?

Arms are crossing. Arms are crossing.]
That's all I ask. [Another half-smile] You tend to pull through on whatever you set your mind to, anyway. [Read: she has faith in you, bro.]
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[She thinks things through. Unlike said boyfriend, clearly.]

Gotta have something to do, don't we? It's either that, bingo, or doting on any grandkids we may or may not have by then. [Although, Capcom. Relationships don't happen in Capcom, let alone families. In an ironic twist of fate, Wesker will probably be the only major character who ends up with a kid.

Sign #436 that Capcom is Messed Up.]

Hey, it happens now and again. I already have enough subordinates whose jaws drop when they find out I have a social life outside of work; [not a very active or good one these days, but whatever.] I figured you and I put those kinds of surprises behind us at this point. [Clearly this is see-how-much-teasing-we-can-do-in-one-thread day.]

Okay. Just... ask for help if you need it. You know Piers and I have your back, among others.