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canon - jem / homeless / oh god what am i doing.

Hey, good, you went through with it! Pretty outrageous of you, huh, Mun?

But - uh - let's get real for just a second. Why are you gonna go through all the trouble of making me icons and getting me a layout and everything if you're just gonna - not use me?

You're not thinking of that, are you?

'Cause, you know, I'm not exactly just gonna sit here quietly. That's not my style.

And no, I don't have other responsibilities [eyeroll]. Shana's got guitar, too, you know. And they've gone without me before.

Come on! It'll be fun.
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I can't agree with ya more on that part. Sittin' still's for those that have either somethin' holdin' 'em down or somethin' holdin' 'em back.

Say, you said that they went on without you before. What's that about?
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Hey, I had those moments. :)

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That's...sideways. Your mates up and go on as if nothin's happenin' and you're okay with that?

[Not that it hasn't happened to Varon but it still sucks to feel left behind.]
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XD True. I facepalm at some of my old journals....geez.

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Ugh, that's not good. I'm not the one to talk about treatin' others one way or another but even I find that a bit selfish. It's not your place to play on people like that. Ever thought about makin' it right again? You know, show 'em you're sincere?
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Pffft, XD I'm with you there. I'm loving this thread. :)

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[Eyes wide, blink, laughs.]

Hate to break it to ya but that's life.
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I'm a madame. XD

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[Now that causes him to break in a full on laugh.]

I like you're spunk! What's your name?
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I can see these two as fast friends. :)

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[Now he's smirking. Don't mind him, he likes getting under people's skin. It means he likes what he sees so far.]

Pleasure, Kimber. Nice name.
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He's in asgardeventide and app pending in scorched.

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[Talk about a quick 180. He can get used to this.]

Yeah? Well, I'm on in a million. Unique people are hard to come by. I'd like to hear ya play sometime.

[Headcanon tidbit, he can play the drums but it's for therapy and not really something he considered on a professional level. He's pretty good at it too.]
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Wow, really? I'm just now getting back into gaming after taking a 3 year break...^_^

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I'm sure I have. I travel a lot so I hear all kinds of sounds. I heard your stuff a few times. Even in Australia we get some. Ever been there?

[Of course!]
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Same. I'm pretty picky where I put him. He's a very strong muse. :)

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Ace! Born and raised. Do ya miss the jet-setter lifestyle or you rather go it alone and just enjoy the view? I'll be honest, I like travelin' by myself but there are some places that are best shared, you know.
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Very. :) But that's a good thing too.

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I'm not doubtin' that. To be honest with ya, what I do is very lonely. But you know, I make due. I've seen places that most people only dream about and I can tell ya, there are places that aren't so hot.

[Like prison *cough*]

Speakin' of places, what's your favorite?
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I think Kimber is about to make him blush a bit. XD

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Well, it's...complicated. China's nice. Been to Hong Kong a few times. New York is busy but awesome and Paris, heh, it woulda been better if I wasn't with some jackaroo.

[He chuckles at the memory. It was for business but hey, what she doesn't know can't hurt. They both have their secrets.]
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Aww, these

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[Eyes wide...a blink...a shudder.] I was with a dude.

[Now he laughs.]

That was a pretty awkward situation in and of itself. The complications...well, that's really somethin' that I shouldn't talk about just yet. We just meet.

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Same here. Goodnight and happy studies! :)

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[Another laugh. It felt good to just...laugh.]

It's fine. Really, no worries.

[He sees that pout. Why do girls get to him in such ways?]

Alright. Tell ya what, we can talk things out at a cafe if you're interested. It's...yeah, not somethin' I can just say willy nilly.

[His pretty heavy. >_<]
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[Scratching the back of his head.]

Yeah, well, I dunno if you're gonna think the same way after what I'm about to tell ya...

[Dropping his arm, he looks back at Kimber.]


[[Musebox this?]]
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Oh geez these two...

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[His brow raises.]

Oh? Well, it's really not often I ask a girl out to some cafe or somethin' just to talk. Normally, it never gets this far...

[Or that he doesn't allow it to get any further than just the name.]

[[If you have one already in existence, we can use that. I just got started on DW.]]
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Thanks!! It's fine. :) I'll post there now.

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[Now it was his turn to give the shy smile.]

Let's go.
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80's toons unite!

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It is hard when you feel you'll be less than useful. I know I worry too. I'm sure you'll be fine though.