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On being considered for [community profile] towerofanimus


Y'know, as much as I love meeting my friends again, wouldn't it be better for you to give Sayaka the ray of hope she deserves?

[There's a small silence, before he continues.]

I mean, her seeing me like this would be more awkward than when she sees Kyousuke right?

Just a food for thought, mun-san.
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/sayaka miki, incapable of being serious

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[Something is up here. Sayaka considers how to approach the situation delicately.]

...Madoka, I can't quite word it, but your moe factor is a little off today. Maybe it's the lack of ribbons. Maybe it's the lack of a skirt.

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Oh no. Madoka, you can't take those away from me! My life will be an empty abyss.

At least you could change to cute boyish squeaks instead!
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It's the principal of it! But you're right, you don't really... look the par...t...

[Sayaka gives Madoka a once-over look, then looks down at herself for a brief second.]

You got taller than me, too!
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[Hair ruffles.

Her newly most dreaded of foes.]

Oh, this is gonna call for a cunning new retaliation plan.