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Being a few years late is not too bad! What's important is that you were able to appreciate everyone's passion and hard work!

Hmm . . . think we'll bump into anyone we know? [A thoughtful pause.] That would be nice, wouldn't it? I'd love to run into anyone from home - even Nigou! [A giggle.]
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I'm afraid Nigou is with Izuki-kun today. I can try to put in a good word for you, though!

Anyway, I agree with you. It's great that our hard work is still having an impact.
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Yes, we are!! [Her smile is a little forced as she indulges in that boyish volume increase.] We're drilling our new court formations like crazy, it's hard to hide!

[She looks up at Momoi, a little more gently determined.] So you'd better keep those goosebumps with you for the interhigh. We don't intend to hand the championship over to anyone.
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[Thoughtful nod. Riko had seen the boys in red and black enough in passing to gather that their interpersonal relationships were... individualistic.]

Have you heard about any training camps that'll be happening between now and then? Or whatever opportunities to hang around in groups. [Scouting. She is realistic, she knows what's actually going to happen is scouting.]
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I agree with you, Momoi-san. It's not bad to be a bit late as long as you enjoy the process.
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[He doesn't seem to mind the clinging.]

I'm fine. My mun hasn't been paying too much attention to me lately.

[Which is, in his opinion, a very good thing.]

Ah, but I do know there are a few of our "castmates" around here, if you're interested in meeting them.
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It's quite lively in here. There are many other characters my mun plays, so I'm not that lonely.


Although I did miss talking with somebody from my world. So...thank you, Momoi-san. As for other people from our world, they will probably appear sooner or later. You can also search for them in those "memes" that are so popular with muns.
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Well, it helped that they weren't entirely closed off to moving ahead...

[Forgive him. Kuroko doesn't really know how to respond to compliments. He seems a little more cheerful than when he first appeared, however.]

I'm sure you will. Does your mun have specific plans for you?
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Oh, then everything's okay.

[He's muttering that for himself more than anything else. He was going to warn Momoi because sometimes muns are kind of weird, to put it nicely, but luckily she doesn't seem to be in danger right now.]

Me? No, not really. I'm on standby until she sees somebody who looks interesting for me to talk to.
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Of course you're an interesting person. My mun thinks so too, and that's why we're talking right now.

[The words flow freely from his mouth, as if it was obvious for him. For this reason, it's probably pretty noticeable when he hesitates before answering her other question.]

Muns aren't usually very nice, so I thought maybe you were going to be in trouble. But if she doesn't have concrete plans, I think you'll be okay.
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No, mine says the same thing about the drama. But...

[How does he explain this in a non-embarrassing way??]

...she's kind of strange. Or rather, the things she has made me do are. I wouldn't want you to go through the same thing.
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In different occasions, she has injured me, dressed me in girly clothes and made me get drunk, all for the sake of her "threads". There are also other inappropriate things I don't even want to mention in front of a girl.

Basically, I wouldn't wish a mun like mine on anybody.

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Tch, sure took you long enough to show up. Now you don't get to complain when I'm late for practice, see?
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[ Hnnng, so clingy. He may have missed this, though. ]

Ah, so she just binged on the whole thing, huh? Mine did that, too. But can you believe she didn't like me at first?! I mean, seriously!

[ Because he's got such a wonderful personality... ]