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Chapter 543

...Hard to believe it's almost over. I'm glad I got to try out my plan, though. Gray may have thought it was crazy, but I knew I could knock Acnologia out of the sky if I hit him hard enough.

[Yeah, about that... You did get the last hit in, so how does it feel to have technically slain two dragons when the Dragon Slayers have slain zero?] W-Wait, it wasn't just me! ...Besides, Gray's boat got the last hit in, really, so I think he gets credit for this one.

There's so many people that I have to thank... [Jellal, Ichiya, Anna, Kagura... the members of Crime Sorciere and Sabertooth... Wendy, Mira, and of course, Gray, Happy, Lucy, and Natsu.] None of us could have defeated Acnologia on our own, but together, we were able to take down that monster.