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on mun rewatching agent carter and missing writing her.

If I may, mun? I recommend putting me back at once. I was quite happy with where I resided. Truly, I was. This isn't going to go well, not for anyone involved now, or whom happens to be later on.

So do everyone a favor and abandon the idea of trying to find a place, game, or wherever it is you are looking to see if they'll have me at.

Before I forget to mention it, but this isn't how you tend to celebrate one's birthday, darling. Do try to do better next year, please.
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Yes, I know 11 days is far too late. She insisted anyway.

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Aw, Peg. How can you expect to have any fun if you won't come out to play?
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Oh gosh I hope so, Peggy. Otherwise, what if next time you can't find me when you need my help?
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Is that so? And what will happen when you're hurt again? While inevitably going behind your own organization's back? Again.

Since you've now learned to count, help me out: you've done it at least twice now, is that right?
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You just keep telling yourself that, Peg, if it makes you feel better. Even if you've happened to have taken care of Masters, you think he hasn't left a million snakes in the nest to continue the corruption?

[tilts her head away (totally NOT to hide the sting of that last remark, and if you believe that I'll tell you another), and then stares back at Peggy after a beat.] I respect my organization and accept it operates the way it does for a reason. My loyalty has never come into question.

And frankly, it's laughable that you expect me to respect YOUR rule of law when you have demonstrated no respect for it yourself. Otherwise you would have arrested Howard without question last year and trusted YOUR completely marvelous and perfect system of so-called American "justice" to sort it out.

Then again, no one respects your authority either so I suppose it all balances out in the end. You know I didn't even have to beg that police officer to open the trunk? It's like you simply telling him not to was all the invitation he needed. [smirks]
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[eyes flicker a moment, perhaps, however briefly, indicating surprise at where Peggy appears to be taking this. Then her face goes largely blank, apart from watching and listening to Peggy intently. Toward the end, a hint of a smile curls up one corner of her mouth. When she speaks again, she appears to ignore all of Peggy's comments save one. ]

Careful, Peggy. The last time your adoptive country relied upon a "single rat" to save them, he ended up crashing into the Arctic Ocean.

Though victory he might have brought us all in that moment, now he's gone forever. And the snakes still slither.
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