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Trying to cheer up the mun ....

I know, I know, you think we look horrible in the new movie trailer, and that having it come out on your birthday is adding insult to injury. Still, calling us the hybrid offspring of The Incredible Hulk and Shrek is a little harsh.

*squints* Actually, you may have a point, after all. Are we REALLY even teenagers there?

Listen, though, you can just ignore it. You've got the current series, and it's still going strong (albeit in another hiatus ....), and you're having fun in your current RPG and writing your fanfics. You've got more than enough to keep your imagination flowing the way you prefer to have us, okay?

The fact that you have me involved with April in your current game doesn't hurt, either. ;)
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...Wow. What happened there...?

But yeah, you've got a lot of good stuff going! Like the series and the LEGO sets~! Which're based on your series too, right...?

...I mean, your series specifically. 'Cuz there's a lot of TMNT series out there. Including turtles that don't look much like turtles now, apparently.
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That's the one where the director or somebody originally wanted to make you guys aliens for some reason, right? Looks like nobody told the designer they changed their mind...

But yeah, focus on the good, not the bad! You've got a lot goin' for you, and maybe the movie'll bring in new fans that the old ones can introduce to all the really good stuff!
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What?! But he's basically your dad, isn't he? Why wouldn't he be there?!
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...Hmph. They really ARE changing a lot, aren't they?
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I wouldn't let one movie stop your mundane.
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It's not like bad versions of yourselves had happened before, or different origin stories.

I mean, in my universe, your clan are reincarnations of a clan murdered by an immortal Shredder.
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You're not the only one.

My mundane is mostly angry Shredder is played by some white man.
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It doesn't bode well when your ninjas are slamming into the side of trucks.

You mean the rat? Yes. He does.