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[Always homeless]

You're watching that trailer again?

... it's embarrassing. I'm selfish, not conceited. It gives me too much focus... the journey should be the focus, not me.

Besides, every time you play it, Hermes starts going "bravo!" and pretending to interview me like I'm an actor.
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Hi again! (Have a different Muse!)

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[There's a small, fluffy blue creature sniffing around Hermes. It... might be a dog? Except it appears to be muttering to itself...]

Adeeja mon?
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[Stitch's ears perk up, and he tilts his head at Hermes.]

Car-Bus-no-bike! Bike talk! Creatshia na!

[Seems to be having trouble getting his words straight. Error. Recalibrating Stitch rubs his head, wincing. When Kino speaks, he concentrates and manages the correct phrase on the first try.]

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[Stitch growls at the snarky motorrad.]

Neega na la queesta!

[Probably better those words don't translate. Hermes will probably get the gist though!

The human looks young, between Lilo and Nani's ages, and has a friendly smile. Stitch returns it. He does have some manners, after all!]

Stitch... Stitch haj adak... Stitch lost.

[It's no good. Whatever happened in that crash, it's scrambled him pretty badly. He gives a shrug - Oops, now the extra set of arms has popped out!]
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Stitch not dog!

[He snaps, then winces as the rider kneels. Now comes the screaming or those guns. They're old models, easily outrun, but he'd rather not. Instead, the human's face shows only curiosity. Stitch relaxes visibly and tries to shove the arms back under.]

Stitch... from nowhere?

[Wait, did the question mean originally, or before he met these two?]

Came frooooooom Oh- Hawayar- EARTH!
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[Stitch considers the question, then shrugs with all four arms.]


[Honestly, it would be kind of nice. He's gone a while without friendly contact. Or a hug.]

Stitch iswas 626. Others like Stitch, not the same.

[He means Jumba's other experiments. The explanation's not quite clear, but at least his sentences are getting longer!]
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Not country. Stitch made in lab. That many Jumba lab.

[Though each experiment is so different Stitch is basically one-of-a-kind. Still, the little alien hasn't felt lonely in a long time. Living with a family has become so normal. He sighs and leans into the hand, pretending for a second that it's Lilo's.

But it isn't, it's... who is this person anyway?]

You - Your name is?
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[Stitch snorts back at Hermes. The motorrad is probably just jealous to be not so cute and fluffy! ]

Yeah, Jumba made Stitch. Stitch was... bad. Jumba go jail - ah, went to jail, Stitch escape. Ran.

[He wonders if he should explain "Bad," but the words feel stuck. It hurts to push thoughts out very far. Kino's scratching is nice, though. Stitch relaxes further, allowing his spines and antenna to extend as well.]
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Oh no! Hope you're better! *hands tea*

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[The question is like throwing a switch. Stitch brightens.]

Sunny, little, lots of water. Water everywhere! Water... OCEAN! Kino ever see an ocean? Sky to sky, all blue and green!

[Stretching out all his arms, Stitch tries to demonstrate the immensity. And adds some sound effects.]

Stitch missed whole ocean neeeeeeeeeer and hit it POW! Found Lilo, ohana.

I found it.

[These memories arm warm, safe, rushing together - surfing, records, bright flowers, a smiling dark-haired girl.]

I'll find it again! Find Lilo too!

[He's going to start looking right now! The creature scampers up Hermes, attempting to get higher for a better vantage point!]
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Ohgosh thank you he's so FUN! (<3 your Kino and Hermes!)

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[Stitch nods.]

Yeah Hermes toosmallshort!

[The view's a little better with Kino holding him, but there's not much to see. They're in the middle of a flat, cracked plane. The air shimmers, dry, without a hint of salt or fish. To the east, there's a faint plume of smoke - probably from the crash OUCHnothinkinghurts - Stitch winces and focuses on a safer word.]

Ohana - "Ohana" is family. Lilo is ohana. She little, smaller then Kino, human like Kino. And Nani. And Pleakley and Jumba and David -

Kino human, right? Smells human.
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Re: I'm sure! (Thanks so much! ;3;)

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[Stitch ignores Hermes this time. For some reason, getting close to that cloud feels Nobaddon't.

He doesn't like it. But the smoke is the only clue around right now. What if there's something that will get him home?]

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[Stitch considers, then retracts his claws and gets a good grip with every paw. A motorcycle - motorrad ride? This is going to be better then the time he stole that Big Wheel! He grins at Kino.]

Let's go!
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[The sky and dust blend together in glorious streaks of gold and blue. The wind streams through Stitch's fur. This is better then any spaceship! He lets out a whoop that echoes across the plain, startling a flock of birds.]

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[It appears to be some kind of building, sprawling low and flat. One end has been blown completely open, girders warped into charred knots. A few flames still lick here and there. The far end looks like it's taken less damage.

There's a faint moaning. It might just be wind passing through the burned hulk. Or not.

Stitch hops off, scuttling forward cautiously.]

Eeshta jor ka ni.

[He doesn't notice he's switched back to that alien tongue.]


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