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Time flies when you're busy with work

Mun! H-How could you forget what day it is? It's the Day of the Ninja!

[ And also the day the mun headcanoned for his birthday because it is said day. ]

... I guess saying the day snuck up on you is okay. That's very ninja like.

A-and... what has my life become in RP lately? I-I mean it's...
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[waves] Oy! Origami! You should have said something! You think you can just sneak by without some kind of party?!

[Though we can't blame Origami. Kotetsu is NEVER AGAIN allowed to be in charge of planning birthdays!]
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[Kotetsu is not so easily dissuaded. If anything, claiming "burden" is the LEAST effective argument Ivan could make!]

Don't be ridiculous! I know the spotlight's not your thing, but your birthday is the ONE day you should get fussed over!

[He slings an arm over Ivan's shoulder. Nice try sneaking away there!]
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Ahahaha that icon is PERFECT!

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[Right, like Kotetsu had EVER paid that much attention to schedules. He begins steering his fellow Hero toward the door. Even without the Hundred Power, Ivan's not escaping the lock!]

Don't tell me you have something else planned?
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Bunny's not going to save you either

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[Hiding behind Bunny was a good idea, but he is ignoring both of the idiots so he can finish his hair workout!]

I'm glad you were able to see your friend! Did you get to tell him about your save on Monday? That was a pretty good one, the way you just came out of nowhere and POW!

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Pretty much

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Psht, who's talking about Sky High? You actually got the MOST points for that bank robbery episode, didn't you notice? They gave you extra for stealth!

[In the corner, Bunny mutters that it's amazing that Kotetsu even KNOWS 'Stealth' is a score - If it were possible, he would earn negative points!]

[Kotetsu ignores this.] Really Ivan, your hard work is showing!
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[For someone who likes to bash his way through problems, Kotetsu is actually pretty good at picking up moods. His grip loosens slightly - not enough for Origami to escape, but it's more comforting and less of a headlock.]

Ah, right, maybe not the bank robbery. Well! I guess that means we're just going to have to go out and cook up some really good birthday adventures for you to go back and tell him!
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[Probably. At least Kotetsu hasn't had time to plan, so no stuffed animals are involved... YET... Ivan has stopped outright protesting, so Kotetsu takes that for assent! His grin grows wider.]

Absolutely! You know, if we hang around a minute, maybe we can get some of the others to join up! I know Nathan's still here somewhere!
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[Origami's protests fall on deaf ears. They've reached the elevator by now. As the car descends, Kotetsu checks his phone.]

Damn, he left already... Blue Rose has that concert... Oh well, looks like it's just going to be drinks! What's that sushi place you're always going on about?
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Oh NO, didn't get this notification! Bad Inbox! Sorry!

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[Kotetsu pulls a face, which he quickly tries to cover. That place's rice is terrible!]

I mean, it's your birthday, so we can if you want, but if you know any better ones we should hit those!

[Smooth, Kotetsu.]
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Ew yuck! *hands soup*

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[Okay, obviously extreme measures are called for here. Poor kid's from Russia or something, right? Probably they don't even have rice! Obviously this is now a MISSION!]

You trust me, right? [Dangerous grin. Poor Origami, he really IS just teasing the kid. Mostly.]
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Wanna throw a crime at them? >:D

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[Either way, Origami needs to develop his palette! Kotetsu makes a determined fist.]

Good! It's decided! Mission "Find The Best Sushi In Sternbild" is underway!

[And this is why Kotetsu is not in charge of naming episodes.]
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What kind? Birthday Boy gets to pick! :P

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[Kotestu manages to bite back "You have a blog?" just in time. That's definitely not going to be helpful - and he just got Origami convinced!]

Er, right! There you go. Bronze Stage, here we come!

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Scene Change: Bronze Stage

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(OOC: Skipped to the restaurant location, hope that's okay! And robbery it is!)

[The pair of heroes are standing in front of a rather run-down looking block of brick buildings. Most of them are shuttered. A few still glow with electricity, but none of them have any obvious signage.

Kotetsu walks right up to a door painted blue.]

Here we go! I can't ever remember the name, but it's great!

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Happy New Year!

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Yay Origami! :D

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Happy Birthday Origami!

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