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canon is Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (crossposted from [community profile] dear_player

Haa? You're trying this out again? Last I remember, you picked me up then dumped me off without another word.

As long as you're willing to commit to something this time, I'm okay with this, but this is your last chance.
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Falling down the old dead fandom hole and feeling melancholy about it

Look, mun, I feel you's over. You're never gonna find the rest of the Burners, or Tennie, or anyone, to play with, alright?!

Move on.

Sure wish I could.

On only being drug out when things are happening.

Okay, soooo...there's a new game coming out, right? I remember Shaun asking me know...after, if I'd be willing to turn the dial on the Animus all the way back. the First Civ. I know this isn't that, but this is what...a couple of hundred years before Altaïr and the Levantine, right? That's gotta be getting pretty close to the rebellion, or at least the formal organization of the Assassins as we know them now, right?

That said, I really wish you'd do something more with me than just this, but I get it. You've got stuff going on. Still, even if it's just a community of just people where I come from, something would be nice, you know?

mun is busy using other persona muses, but he's still very much here

Out with the old, in with the new, hm? Tch. Typical.

Throw me a bone once in a while, then we'll talk.

[What exactly do you think this is, Adachi??]
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Hello! It's been a very long time... are you finally going to find me some friends? I have the tea all ready, and I'm sure Tarin would love it if I talked to someone else for a while. He's very patient, but he's heard so many of my stories already. And, poor dear, he just doesn't really understand very much about magic these days, if he ever did.

Oh! but please don't let Tarin out for now. People always get so very strange about him. I think it's because of- you know. [She lowers her voice] His condition.

[Is that... a quiet groan, from somewhere in the background? Maybe. She looks around a little guiltily, before bringing her attention back.]

But I really shouldn't keep you, I suppose. It's just been so long since I had the chance to chat. I miss it.
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the return

I tried to warn you and here we are again. Please try not to throw me away like yesterday's trash again, okay? It really sucks...
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(no subject)

Dear Mun,

What you are attempting to do is reprehensible! To use me as bait to try and lure in a Beatrix like I'm some sort of meat slab or common trollop!

I have half a mind to report you--[Listens to his mun telling him something.]

Your favorite pairing? Us? Why, if you think you can just butter me up--[Listens some more.]

Why yes, it would be nice to see her. I've missed her terribly. The way the light of the moon gleams across her fine blade, her bosom heaving--

[Steiner's eyes widen and he stomps up and down a couple of times. Clink clink goes the armor.] Y-You made me say all of that!? You cad! You charlatan!
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Downward spiral into madness | Canon is Manyuu Hiken-chou

I care not where your destination will take me, mundane, but do know that if I see wickedness I will not abide by it. Nay I, Chifusa Manyuu, will not rest until the wicked of this world have suffered due penance for their twisted hearts.

[ Grooooowl. ]

...B-But, if you wouldn't mind, maybe putting me somewhere I can get a decent bite to eat? It's been so long...

homeless but looking

I'm not really sure what you mean when you talk about this 'script' and the 'massive plotholes, canon discrepencies, and glorified fanfiction' but... I guess it's nice that you still like Albus and I?

I mean you're this disembodied something that I don't really understand and I kind of wish it was the rest of the kids at Hogwarts that thought we were swell but hey! This is something. Don't know WHAT, but it sure is something.

Not sure what else you seem to be planning there but I'm not going anywhere without him either. Just so you know and all.

Voicetesting this obscure headache (Canon is Strike Witches)

How long do you plan on twiddling your thumbs? All you've done is hang me out on some of these "memes" like bait on a hook. Be productive! Go send me out to meet other people and display my talents.

If you're not going to allow me to see action elsewhere, kindly let me return to my unit. We're still fighting a war whether your childish games here continue or not.

(no subject)

 I hope you realise that if you were working for me you'd have been fired by now.

replaying chrono cross, homeless

I... I don't want to keep going. I can't but I have to. Not for me and not for Serge anymore... I have to do this for the sake of my world - all worlds, really. We have to keep going.

...I still can't believe that about Serge. He's a missing piece? So he's not supposed to exist. But he does exist and he's here and he's real. This is so confusing...

As cliche as it sounds, I can't imagine my life without him. I'm not going into detail and pouring my heart out here but he's important. Which, you already knew.

Also mun, is it weird that I scratched behind Serge's ears while he was asleep? I-I mean when he was in Lynx's body... He's just like a big cat, it's not that weird! Stop it. Why are you laughing now?!

[Waldo Butters pre Skin Game]

There's more to me than polka you know. I mean, yeah, it is unfairly looked down on. It's fun, it's energetic. It kept me going through some of the worst times in my life, and... Ngh. Fine I guess that's as good as any other username.

I'm more worried about being here. I'm not going to say "Chicago needs me." Chicago needs more Wardens, more good werewolves, someone who can patch people up without being terrified he'll kill them. But I'm right there and someone needs to act as lookout.

Thank you for not putting me on an island where I'll slowly turn into a cannibalistic monster at least. Because you're not going to do that right? Right?

Marathoned 104 episodes in 3 days, and then this happened

  I appreciate what it is you're trying to do.  Sort of.

...but I don't have time for this.  There are people who need me.  I can't abandon them now.

like waking up from a loooooong nap

Now darling, don't deny you did this because you missed me and my siblings. Though, with all that effort, she still couldn't find Xander.

[Oh my god shut up]

cleaning out the cobwebs

This is turning into a dance, dear. We leave, we come back, we leave again, we come back again. It's been years since we've last committed to anything. What on earth makes you think we'd find something to commit to this time?

And don't even deny you missed me. This happens nearly every time you thoughtfully stare at that small statue of me next to Steven.
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I leave you alone for a little while, mun, and you've gone and done this, now?

You know you can't really take me anywhere outside of a meme community, so why are you even trying?

... Nostalgia? Aw, shucks. I'm blushing. 

I hope you have some idea of what it is that you're doing.

I'm Back! (Woo-oo!)

Uncharted waters, bold new territories, and no, we're not making time travel jokes! Honestly, ye've had enough of them with the shorts. I'm just here to have a lot of low-key adventures with my nephews, teaching them to get out of trouble since they're such magnets for it.


Okay, mebbeh one or two cases of time travel. I do have that clock...
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let's get that theme song stuck in everyone's heads

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! This is sooo exciting! I thought meeting the nephews and the Donald Duck would be the best experiences in my life, but now you're telling me I could literally go on hundreds of adventures anywhere and everywhere? Best! Day! EVER!

... Oh wow, maybe I'll even get to try candy for the first time! Grandma's always kept me from sugar - and basically every single form of thrill imaginable - but if I got away with my first adventure, then I definitely think I can handle a lollipop or two.

What are we just standing around here for? Let's get moving! TO THE FUN!

((OOC: spoilers possible in comments!))