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...really? REALLY? Of all the things...really!?

I'm so done with you right now, mun.
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So you picked this username because you "didn't want to mangle the Latin language" - but you're fine with something absurd like this?

[It's a tiny alliteration! <3 In hindsight, maybe you would have preferred "primping princess not!peach"?]

Absolutely not!

[I think I'm gonna draw you in a dress now.]

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Two years, pumpkin. Two years since the last time we spoke here. Doesn't matter if we're two entries down on the tag, that's still a two year gap and I'm all kinds of heartbroken that it's been this long. Dusty as fuck up in here.

I won't be too hard on ya. Just remember that this means you don't hate me anymore. Bitch about it all you want, it's your own fault for getting me all antsy. You didn't have to go back and catch up on everything that's happened, that's all on you.

No, I don't want to go anywhere. I'm just here to point out your own fuckups and laugh about it. It's funny as shit.
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[Gooooooood morning hot stuff!]

Are you kidding me right now? Is that seriously all it takes to pull me out of your brain space? A game!? Shouldn't you be busy doing tags or something useful with your life?

[I would, but don't you miss Cain?]

I...yeah, a bit...okay a lot. Shut up, mun.
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Hold on a sec. How did we end up spending the last four hours picking out icons for me? I can see your list of icon expressions, mun. How is it so difficult for you to look for an icon of me smiling? I smile all the time!

[Yeah, in all your bondage and post sex pictures.]

Hey, you chose to go through with this. You know where I came from. So what's your plan when we find Cain, huh? Don't think I don't know how you are with...that, and on Christmas of all days.

[Kid, as long as you keep your dick in your pants. I'm sure we'll get through this without a problem.]

I'm not making any promises here.

what even.

Aug. 21st, 2013 11:03 am
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Hey, princess. Pumpkin. Was it pumpkin? Tch, been too long, I'm forgetting all my pet names for you.

So, how about that, huh? You remembered me, even after you went and forgot me again. I tell ya, I'm just pleased as fucking punch to know that's all it takes, just one new page. And it still is pretty funny, watching you get all pissy about everything. Still getting pissy about everything. Thought you'd gone and left the story - heh, made myself laugh - all behind.

Nice to know you still want me around, though. Hell if I know whatever happens from here on out, I know I ain't going anywhere specific, but having the option's at least something.

No, I don't get what he's on, either. Kid's got issues. He can keep 'em away from me.
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Commander, this is Abel. Again.

I really thought you'd let me go, but...I guess not. Not that I'm not thankful! The new icons are great! And how long did they take yo- Oh, apparently we aren't going into that. All I have to say is thank you for sparing me and the world from all those dicks and blowjob lips. I don't think they need any more of that, honest.

And I do smile! Every once in a while. You just have to wait over a hundred pages to see it. That makes it more special, or something like that, I promise.

Though I think I have to owe most of my happiness to being able to actually work on the ship and do some Starfighter modding. It's fun work, if you're a computer nerd, and it drives Cain crazy, which is definitely a plus. But I guess...I just want my work to mean something and not just end up being another notch on someones bedpost.

I mean, really. I'm in space! I've got to dream bigger than when I started right? Just, no more hellish abysses. my dreams could do without those.
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Yeah, sure. Missed you too, pumpkin.

Me? Absolutely peachy, thanks for asking. Don't worry about the foot an' a half of dust here, it was close but not quite enough to be suffocating. It wasn't like I was in danger. Thanks for asking.

Surprised you picked me to be first, though. You did say a lot of real mean things about me an' where I'm from, you know. Hurt my feelings.

But, guess I should say thanks for letting me stretch my legs. Not like this is heading anywhere, yeah?

Tch. Look at me, being nice. It's like I'm all grown up.
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I was wondering when I could stretch my legs. I definitely needed a breather after just sitting there for over a year, especially with who you have in your headspace, commander.

I was hoping that maybe you would let me take on a mission in one of these games, but...its a little much to ask, after being shut in for so long isn't it? This is good enough for the time being. And no, I don't appreciate how funny you think it is, putting me in a "normal" setting. I am a normal person, and just because I let myself go a little, does not mean that I don't appreciate a nice, quiet calm. Without overbearing, borderline abusive starfighter pilots. Thank you very much.

And for the record? The long break from Cain was very refreshing.
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[There is someone skulking in the shadows over here. Someone who isn't very fond of talking.]




[Finally he pipes up, voice subdued, and slightly raspy from disuse.]

...... You could at least.. wish me better luck next time.