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  I appreciate what it is you're trying to do.  Sort of.

...but I don't have time for this.  There are people who need me.  I can't abandon them now.
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The Saiyans in Universe 6 are really strong, huh? I can't believe one of 'em went Super Saiyan 2 so quickly! An' that other one... That form seems really familiar for some reason, but she didn't even flinch when I hit her!

There's still plenty of time to bring out their full potential - I hope they ain't done yet!

An' hopefully I get to fight Jiren for a bit next time. Other people'll probably get in the way, but even seein' a little bit of his strength would really help!
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Aw man - why'd they end it there?!

It feels like it's taken forever, but it's finally here! Universe 6 Saiyans, the Pride Troopers, all those other universes... I wanna see what everyone can do! Nobody better hold anything back!

Hey, mun! Think you could sleep for a week or so? I dunno if I can wait that long to see what happens next!
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You mean I might get to fight that Superman guy? [It's a bit more complicated than that, but...] All right! It's a shame I won't be able to go all-out, but it'll be great to see what he can do!

Oh, an' I know you wanna see Mr. Satan show up, but I don't think that's a good idea. With me, Gohan, an' Videl at this Legion place, who'd look after Pan? Chi-Chi would get really mad. [Actually, just the fact that you three are gone might get her annoyed.] ...Uh, can you delete this last part? [Nope, posting it now!] No, wait!
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Dunno what was with that Torishima guy [It's Mashirito... never mind, you won't remember it anyway.], but it was great seeing Arale again! Guess her bein' a robot explains a few things, and it was a fun break from that boring job!

An' what's baseball? Is it that thing that Lord Beerus ate? 'Cause I don't want that. [Sure, Beerus seemed to like it at first, but Goku doesn't want to be stuck with those after-effects.]
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Unless you have Bulma's machine, you literally don't have time for this.

Also all these technical difficulties you've been having seem like even the Universe wants you to stop. The name all these glitches are virtually trapping you with barely works, it's just vague enough to somehow draw a tenuous connection to myself.

Just. Don't.
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Wait until Goten hears about this.

You know, if someone tells me what's going on.
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I have better things to do than this and this.... moronic user name.
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It's okay. Stop being so shy. I'm positive we'll have fun here.

[[ ...no. You just do your thing. I'll just sit here and watch ]]

B-but. You're the one that wants to do this. I can't do anything without you!

[[ *with a shoo of her hand, the mun ignores the blonde* ]]

Fine... but, you'll have to do something at some point.

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Tch. This is a waste of time. If you believe idle threats are going to keep me in line, you're sorely mistaken. The Prince of all Saiyans will not bow to the orders of anyone!

I will not be your plaything!
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It's that fake Buu girl faker you want to bring here, not me.

[Suddenly, silence! And it lingers for an uncomfortable amount of time.



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I don't know, Mister Mun, I don't think Mighty Mask is going to work again after everyone saw the first time. We might not be let into some of the scary games.

I can fight, but can we go somewhere with lots of food instead?
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You really want to do this, huh?

[ Don't be such a killjoy, Bardock, this could actually be fun!! ]

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not really interested in what you think is "fun".

Go bother the other idiots you've adopted. I'm sure they'll appreciate it more than I will.
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...I get it mun, you're getting super nostalgic over my origins thanks to watching that LP

But seriously, If you want to play that game so badly why not save up the cash or better yet ask for one of those game console things for your birthday next week?

Seriously though, I can't believe way back when I used to be from a weird race of alien monkey people who hang out with little green men and fridge freezers.

[She cracks a little smirk to herself.]

I've really changed since those days, huh? I wonder what the next ten years or so will bring.
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[Here is an extremely large Namekian, arms crossed.]

The Time Patrol needs me, but I'm not opposed to a little... vacation. There's trash to clean up wherever you go, after all.

[He means bad guys.]
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It definitely looks like Freeza's gotten stronger, huh? This is gonna be exciting! An' it looks like everyone's getting a chance to do something! [Well, except for Yamcha, Goten, and Trunks...]

I dunno who that purple guy with the yellow eyes is, but I guess he's on our side! [He was going to try to kill you when you were a kid, but I suppose that doesn't really narrow it down, does it?] Nope!

Things probably ain't gonna be as bad as they make it look, [He's pretty sure the Earth isn't going to be destroyed, seeing as it's still around a few years later, but with the Dragon Balls, you never know for sure.] but it'll take everything we've got to win this one! [Though that's pretty much always the case when it comes to these movies.]