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If I may speak freely sir, I think I deserve some time with my family rather than whatever you have in store. It's just fair in my eyes. But if if it would fall on deaf ears then I reckon I've to do.

At least there aren't any MUTOs. So what's your orders then?
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I'm so sorry that you've got these new problems now. The good news is X-rays aren't that bad. I've had several. And hopefully they'll come back clear and with these new medications everything will be okay soon enough.

And I mean, I'm dating a doctor. If anyone can make you feel better about this it's him. He saves pandas for a living.

Just relax and we'll find you something fun that'll make you forget all about this. If we could handle all the crazy that happened last year with the merger and the dissolution of the merger and my dad, we can handle this. I promise you.
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No, seriously, what just happened?

You pick a storyline for me to follow and it ends up being the one where I win the Race of Champions? Where I wind up in the Nations Cup semifinals? Maybe you better start playing the lottery because you - we - are really lucky.

I'm incredibly humbled to represent my country and my sport in the way I have. I didn't expect any of this when I signed up. But I'm honored that I was able to have this shot, and the only way it could have been better was if my boyfriend could have seen it.

Which is what matters now. My work is done and I'm exhausted and I just want to spend time with the man I love. I want to see how being apart has affected us and have that reunion he said we were in for. That's what is worth writing now - how my career will change my relationship and me having to figure out these challenges I've never had before. We learned from last season that I can win all the races and it doesn't mean anything if nobody is there.

So if you really want to end this well, just find me Connor and a pizza. Because I'd trade the trophy for him in a heartbeat.
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Hey, mun lady. I thought you weren't gonna forget about me after all the trouble you went to with letting me come around and all the first time. Major drag, mun. I mean, what do you expect me to do? Just be let out of the box whenever you feel like reminiscing or some shit? C'mon, what kind of a waste is that?

Muns, man. They really need to come with a handbook or something.
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I'm not sure if you know this, but your timing? It fucking sucks, my friend.
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As weird as it feels to have you writing me stuck in bed and not on a plane to Daytona...I need you to focus on my personal life, not my professional one. If Connor isn't happy then giving up the Rolex 24 and all of that won't mean anything. He's who all of this is for.

I'll handle my business with the Race of Champions. I always do; that's not what I'm concerned about. What I'm worried about is making sure the man I love is taken care of, and that all the things we've been through recently haven't complicated our relationship. Focus on that and the racing will work itself out. I'm not a champion for nothing.

Although the back spasm was an unnecessary touch. I hate you for that.
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It's not as simple as you want to make it, mun.

I'm not deciding for my boyfriend where he wants to spend Christmas. He is a grown man who can make his own choice and so is his mun. I'm sure he'll pop up before the holiday and you can ask what he wants to do.

And if he wants to come to Florida? That's not just some Norman Rockwell painting holiday warm and fuzzy whatever. It'll be the first time I've seen Dad since he quit. The first time Dad will have ever seen my boyfriend. And do you remember how badly he reacted the last time I introduced him to somebody? It was all "Shelby Elizabeth Diana Manning." Both my middle names.

...Granted that's because I was also engaged by the time I got there but still.

This is a big deal, and I think you owe it to everybody involved to get it right. Don't cause a problem just because you're impatient to write fluffy Christmas crap.
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( his hands move inside his jacket pockets, long fingers searching for a cigarette. he mutters under his breath, the name "ajit" only hissed loud enough to catch. finding no cigarette, byomkesh elects to busy his hands by clasping them tightly together. without the obscuration of smoke, however, the bright glitter dancing in his dark eyes and the slight smirk tugging at his mouth is clearly visible. )

Let's examine this, shall we? You intend to play me? A character that, while popular in Bengali literature, is not well-known outside India. ( leaning closer, he speaks slowly, drawing out each word, ) You yourself are already aware of how difficult it is to obtain accounts of my adventures. Fluency in Bengali or money is required. A slight obstacle that you overcame, at least in the case of the latter. But your real obstacle is expecting and finding people to also overcome that difficulty.

( he smiles and, if it wasn't for the obduracy in his tone, it could almost be mistaken as warm. ) Your persistence, while admirable, is misguided. Please direct it elsewhere. Because, realistically, I doubt I'd get out very often. ( not that he'd want to get out anyways. he much prefers to stay in and let his mind mull over problems. or act like a veritable whatsitsname.

he laughs, sharp and short. )
Like I said, admirable.
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While I appreciate the fact you haven't completely forgotten about me, you still don't know what you want to do with me. I've moved on. I'm a stronger person now. I've dealt with all my past demons.

I'm happy, I really am.

Why won't you believe me?
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Can we talk about you deciding it's fun to embarrass me? I know I'm blonde but I'm not stupid. And if you playing me for laughs all the time makes me lose Connor I will murder you with your own keyboard.

Plus, I'm pretty sure Tommy thinks I'm a complete idiot now so thanks for spoiling a friendship I really could've used at the moment.

All I want is one night where I can go dancing and to dinner and to be a normal girl. Is it that hard for you to do without puns or me mistexting somebody?

And you wonder why I'm thirty going on fifty.
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So, you have put some more thought into this. I still do not think it is a good idea, but I will admit that it is an interesting one.

I would much prefer if you could decide what era to use at least, if nothing else, and whether or not I am still a part of the program or if it was disbanded as Marissa's was, or if I was able to escape from it in some other way.

I can also say that I do not approve of your plan to play out different versions and 'see what sticks', these are the sort of things you should know before playing with something like this.
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Fuck you.

I know you like to keep me historically accurate, but fuck you. This is one time you could have deviated from reality and not wrecked my life.
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Oh my God I'm so bored.

[Exaggerated sigh.]

I don't know what to do without a race. And I don't think you know what to do with me without a race.

You should find Tommy's mun and apologize for dropping that thread. Because he was really fun and I would've liked to get to know him better.

And there's the Championship Celebration and its open bar which hopefully will be fun for my friends to tease me about being in a dress.

But other than that do we even have a clue right now? Nobody is going to tag a thread where I'm talking about mowing the lawn. Not unless it's a very awkward euphemism. So seriously, what are we going to do until March? What do normal people post about?
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I'm not sure I like this idea of yours. The one about making me some sort of fairy creature was alright, but this one isn't as good.

I wouldn't mind having the powers, this Force, but the rest seems unpleasant, it's as if Marissa's project actually had a chance of working, and that doesn't make sense.

...though I suppose making me some sort of fairy creature didn't really make sense either.

At least wait until after your vacation, think it over while you're away, decide if it still seems like a good idea once you've returned.
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Look- I... I'm fine with new experiences, but just... please don't put me in another game like Nerve.
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His centenary? You're right, Miss Mun, this is a long time. And he managed to write all those wonderful stories that people still enjoy. That's a type of immortality, I think, to have your work like on all these years.

Do you think he'd be pleased, Miss Mun, with my story? I know I'm changing it a little but... you have to take control of your own story or people will think you will let anything happen to you. And that's not right!

I hope he knows, though, how grateful I am. It's nice, to be a story. Even one you have to direct yourself. Someone cared enough to let people know my story. That's nice.

I wonder if I can read any of his books...?
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Here we go. The big one. The last race of the season, at my favorite racetrack of the series, and at the end of it there's supposed to be a trophy and a bottle of champagne for me. This is going to be a huge weekend.

What would make it mean a lot to me is if you're able to round up some of my friends and loved ones to share it with me. I haven't gotten to see many of them all season, and that's been a bit hard for me. Maybe you can put out some feelers and find a couple of them for me to bring to Sonoma?

Red would be amazingly proud of me if he saw this. He predicted it after all. I'm still wondering what happened to John, there's Tobey of course, and I'm starting to think Mike did something and got himself in trouble.

But try and find them, okay? This could be the biggest day of my career - hopefully not, but it could - and I'm not going to be happy if you end up having to write it as a blog post again.
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Whatever. Close the door on your way out.
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I'm really excited about being back in New York. I really want to take Mike out for that dinner I owe him. I miss talking to him; he always makes me laugh and he has to be one of the craziest people that I know. In a good way, of course!

But I'm glad that I can come back and see the garage. I want to make sure that Tobey, Julia and the team are doing okay. If I hadn't spent a year in that garage I wouldn't be where I am now. So I should go back there and see how things are now. Maybe pick up a wrench again and get my hands dirty. I still know how to do repair work.

This trip should be good for me. You've always been saying I should go back and now I have an actual reason to go back. Let's make the most of it, make amends and maybe I can finally tell him how I feel, too.

Oh yeah - and win this friggin' race.
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So I know I've been complaining a little recently...okay, a lot...but things are really looking up. We get to go back to racing this weekend finally. And my back feels fantastic and I feel really confident in our chances.

Plus the clean bill of health means I can take Mike out on that date I've owed him since forever. And to see Tobey come back again - I can't tell you how much that means to me. I have so much that I never said to him and it's also just important to have someone else around who's a racer and understands what it's like. That's not in your head.

Things are going to look up. I believe it. We got through this. And I'm going to celebrate by taking this cake to my boyfriend's office and apologizing for spending the last three weeks keeping him waiting.