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I'm just going to pretend for the both of us that this isn't a total waste of time, and more importantly, a total waste of my time.
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How would this ever be a waste of time?
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How very Jeff Winger of you to think something's a waste of time before it even really happens.
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[If she rolled her eyes more, she'd probably get dizzy.] Would it really hurt that much to drop the sarcasm for a little while? It can't possibly be that bad.
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Keep trying? Why bother when I'm completely used to your sarcasm by now?

I'm just saying maybe you should give something a chance before completely writing it off for once. Everybody already knows you've mastered the skill of apathy, Jeff. [She shrugs, feigning lack of interest. As if Annie Edison could ever let something go that easily.] It's nothing new or exciting.
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wow, thank you. :') your jeff is on point, too.

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What you do best? What, like pretending – yes, pretending – not to care about what happens around you? I doubt many people actually want to be like that; you can keep that for yourself. And yeah, so maybe I just so happen to obsess a little bit. [A severe understatement, and she knows it.] At least I actually have a heart that functions correctly.

[Let's bring it home with something meant to cut deep but also completely irrelevant, Edison.]

When you finally decide that doing what you do best isn't really working out for you, we'll still be here. I promise not to say 'I told you so.'
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Why would I be looking for either? I'm not you, Jeff.
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Disney-eyes? [Scoff. She does not have Disney-eyes.] My Disney-eyes can only send you on that trip if you already feel guilty. I could walk away right now and your conscious would still eat at you.

[Damn that cellphone and whoever he's constantly texting.]

Right, or you can just stop paying attention. That's an easy way out, too. Classic Winger.
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[He definitely went too far with that.

It's left her speechless.]
... What is that supposed to mean?
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[Nope. He's not getting away that easily.] If it meant nothing, you wouldn't have said it.

What does it mean, Jeff?
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[Well, that went better than expected. Talk about a massive weight being lifted off he shoulders. Now this is a different kind of speechless.]

Oh. Well ... it's not at the top of mine, either.

[The smile honestly couldn't be hidden, alright? It's not her fault.]
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Still ... I shouldn't have said what I did. [Is this just her clearing her conscience? Probably not. She does feel like a small child again, though. Funny how that always seems to happen around him.] It was uncalled for. I'm sorry.

Even if you are unupsettable. [Which she really does not believe in the slightest.]
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[Kiddo. Right. That definitely helps. Her cringe isn't so much inward as it is blatantly outward.]

Yeah. You know me, Jeff. Naïve Annie.

[And things were going so well, too.]
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[There's not going to be a Disney Face. She's not giving him the benefit. Annie Edison is stronger than that.]

No, don't worry. Your feet can stay planted. It's fine.
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[Another mess? Oh.]

Yeah! Totally ... sure. It's fine, don't worry. [Too much. Slow down a bit.] I don't want to keep you if you have something better to be doing, anyway.
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A personality section for you shouldn't be that bad, though, right? After all, who loves Jeff Winger more than Jeff Winger?

[She's secretly very glad about this.]
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Cute and cruel should be my middle name. [The smile she wears is perhaps a bit too innocent to be believable.]

So, personality section. Does that mean they're forcing you into somewhere against your will?