May. 26th, 2017

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You forget me for a few years, then drag me back. It's been two since the last time I was around. [He would be irritated, but it's been refreshing being out of his Mun's crosshairs of pain. Morrison hasn't been that fortunate, but that wasn't Dark's problem.] Even after fourteen years of first dragging me into your nightmarish mindscape, you're still sentimental as hell.

[A pause, then a snort.]

Your attention span could put overworked switches to shame. I'd say 'find someone to play me with' to get your muse back so I'm not just gathering dust with the rest of the poor fools stuck in your head, but I feel like that would end in tragedy in more ways than one on my part.

[He's been around the block and through the grinder too many times to be hopeful that his Mun wouldn't throw him to the wolves purely for the angst.
His Mun may argue that, but Dark knows better. Goddesses, even all the angst and pain is nostalgic at this point. He was going mental.

At least bring an apology gift basket the next time you decide to pull me from the confines of your mind after years of radio silence.
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I'm sure I could handle anything you decided to put me in. [ he gives a strange laugh. ] Hell is nothing when you've already been through it. It's just a new kind.