May. 20th, 2017

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So you seem to believe that simply because something was... "cancelled" a year ago, you should have forgotten about me by now? I should have just gone away?

Certain disgusting mustachioed war profiteers aside, I'd like to think I'm a little memorable to most people. Well, unless I don't want to be...

Oh, yes, and I am persistent. [dark smile] I'm sure no useless entertainment executive has the power to keep Peggy away, and where she shows up, I'll be. [dark smile grows to dark grin] Don't you worry your pretty little head about that!


On another subject... regarding this ridiculous picture you just saw about the childish man and the aliens and the talking racoon? No, I will not start or be part of an... [beat for eyebrow raise]... "Awesome Nemesis" club with the blue woman. Apart from the bit where I'm not into "clubs," your insistence these... creatures'? existence could be in my reality in any era is... well, it's just plain silly.

Besides, I won all the fights I was ordered to as a child. That's why I was allowed to live.

(((Voicetesting like whoa. Assistance appreciated.)))