Feb. 19th, 2017

whitescalesbigmouth: (Saft - Pissed off dragon)
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...If I knew how to escape your mind and make that no good jerk pay for what he did to you and those other people too I would.

Just now that you have a super ticked off dragon on your side who'd be more than happy to set him on fire for you. I just wish I could do more from here.
expartner: (court)
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I think it's perfectly fine they're moving on without me. I'm perfectly happy to be away from all their drama. And Diane can do enough slapping for the both of us.
kainanami: (can't you see I'm cleaning)
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Are you sure you want to do this, mun? You haven't played me in years, and back then I was with Shinichirou. I'm not sure I want what you have planned for me. I'm sure it's all very nice, but being separated from him for that long?

Do you have too?

Yes, thank you. I'd love some tea.
pukwudgie: (Default)
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I don't know exactly how ta tell you this, sweetie, but that boat has sailed; months ago.

Anyway even if the bandwagon was still rollin you should be lookin at Tina. She's the smart one, always was. She was a Thunderbird ya know. Her and Mr. Scamander are brave an strong and they are gonna have all sorts of adventures.

I'm just, well I was just a glorified secretary. I don't think I'm gonna be much in the way of fun, unless you want to step out for giggle water sometime.

Don't worry, if ya get bored of me I understand. No hard feelins, I swear.