Jan. 30th, 2017

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So we're doing this. You're going to actually keep me up and running regularly, now. Not just once every six months. I can - I can handle that. [He tries valiantly not to sound nervous.] I do kind of wonder if now's really the best time given how most of my... progenitor's associates? However we're referring to them, are doing. But maybe I could help. Seems like an extra set of processors might come in handy right now. If nothing else, I can at least make sure everyone sleeps and eats regularly. After living with Howard, that's become my special skill at this point.

I just have one question, though. I mean, I don't want to sound negative. And I'm sure this could all work out for the best. I was, uh, just curious - did you ever work out a way to explain me to people I don't already know? Because I think this might be weird for them otherwise. I don't really improvise well. I also don't like freaking people out, so. Some more planning might not be bad. Especially since I can't go most places. It's better if I get this right the first time around.
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A cuddle game? Really? I'm not sure how you got the impression that I'm cuddly? How would I be able to further my goals in that setting? But I guess that's your point. Making me into a nice guy. I don' see my presence being desired.
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Let me be frank. You are not qualified for this level of engagement.
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I gotta tell you, baby girl, you must have balls of steel to take all of us on. Seriously, you're gonna do so well. And, speaking on behalf of the group, we all really appreciate that you're trying. I mean, even Dennis thinks so but the less said about him the better, am I right?

[A sharp inhale, a slow smile.] So, I guess we all just want to say thanks. Thank you for tryin'. And thank you for taking the time to understand us a little better and, whatever happens - [Winks.] - Barry's got your back, girl. Alright?
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I'll admit it is rather spacious here. But, I can't help but worry about the others.

It's about time I get back to them, don't you think?